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Mountain Bike

Glorieta Glory Days

Glorieta, NM • Jun 2 2018

Glory Days at Glorieta Camps isthe New Mexico/El Paso Regional XC Championship.

Kim Bear: 2h 05m 32s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Carl Gable: 1h 43m 36s, 2/3, 60+ Cat 2 Men

15th of 35 overall

Mountain Bike

The Original Growler

Gunnison, CO • May 27 2018

The Growler is 64 files of technical single track. The race is fast flow in the sage to technical rock steps in the rocks of Hartman Rocks. This race is not something to try off the couch. The course is big, the course is hard, the second lap will test you.

Carl Gable: 9h 02m 24s, 20/26, Men 50-59

Thought I'd be in the 60+ group but this race treats racer age as age the day of the race. Tough group.

Mountain Bike

High Desert Classic, NMORS #4

Cloudcroft, NM • May 20 2018…

A climbing heavy race with 4000 feet of it in 30 miles. Lots of rough single-tract!!

Jan Bear: 3h 09m 43s, 1/3, Men Cat 1, 60+.
Kim Bear: 4h 12m 59s, 2/2, Women Cat 1, 60+