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Mountain Bike

Del Norte 720, 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Del Norte, CO • Jun 11 2022 https://www.chocolatebunnyproduc…

A very rocky 11 mile loop just a few miles east of downtown Del Norte, CO at the Quarry Trails. There was about 1000 feet of climbing each lap but the rock is what made this race hard!

Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 30 2022

Same course as last year! It sure seemed tougher! A true mountain bike course with 2400 feet of climbing in a 14.5 mile race. There was also so moderately technical sections.

Kim Bear: DNF (crashed), Women 65+

Left elbow injury.

Jan Bear: 1m 32.5s, 1/2, Men 65+

About 5 minutes slower than last year! 5th place in the group of 19 men in the 55+ age group.

Mountain Bike

Alien Run, NMORS #2

Aztec, NM • May 14 2022

A very tough 33 mile course with a little bit of everything, sand, baby head rock climbs, steep twisty descents, volcanic rock and finally some flowy sections.

Kim Bear: 4h 25m 39.5s, 1/1, Expert women 60+

The only women in the Expert race!

Jan Bear: 3h 19m 37.9s, 1/2, Expert men 60+

13 of 24 total expert men.