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Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Jun 18-19 2016

24 hour mountain bike race in the Zuni Mountain SE of Gallup, NM.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 22h 10m 35s, 6/11, Coed Pairs

Kim got sick after her 6th lap and did not ride anymore so we decided to call it a day and headed to Albuquerque for Father's Day!!

Mountain Bike

Glory Days NM State Mountain Bike Championship

Glorieta, NM • Jun 11 2016…

A great event at Glorieta Camps just outside of Santa Fe.

Carl Gable: 1h 29m 19s, 3/6, Cat 2 Men 50-59
Jan Bear: 2h 26m 30s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 3h 06m 02s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+