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Mountain Bike

High Desert Classic, NMORS #4

Cloudcroft, NM • May 20 2018…

A climbing heavy race with 4000 feet of it in 30 miles. Lots of rough single-tract!!

Jan Bear: 3h 09m 43s, 1/3, Men Cat 1, 60+.
Kim Bear: 4h 12m 59s, 2/2, Women Cat 1, 60+
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon Championships

Arkadelphia, AK • May 6 2018…

A fun trail system next to Degray Lake on the Caddo River outside Arkadelphia, AK. Lots of twists and turns a beautiful forested setting.

Jan Bear: 4h 33m 28s, 9/22, Men 60-64

6 minutes faster than last year but dropped from 5th place to 9th place, 22 minutes out of first place, a pretty tight race.

Kim Bear: 5h 42m 21s, 3/3, Women 60-64

Faster than last year!

Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture XC MTB, NMORS #2

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 28 2018…

An 8.5 mile rolling course with Sand, rock and lots of twisting and turning.

Kim Bear: 2h 46m 35s, 2/2, Cat 1 Women 60+