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Mountain Bike

Horny Toad Hustle Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #6

Las Cruces, NM • Sep 25 2022

A long tough race. There are some fast flowy sections but also so rock, sand and gravel that make things very tough in sections. Plus 35 miles is a long way!!

Kim Bear: 1h 04m 34.2s, 1/2, Cat 3 Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 3h 29m 12.1s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60+.
Multi-sport Race

Sampson Challenge

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 18 2022…

This event involves 11 different disciplines done as fast as possible, similar to crossfit. The events were; rowing machine, tire flips, spartan pull, ground to overhead lifts, sandbag run with obstacles, sled pull, yoke carry, agility matrix, overhead lunges, run, medicine ball toss and water wade with weight.

Kim Bear: 15m 03.3s, 1/9, Rockstar Women 65+
Jan Bear: 17m 13.4s, 1/6, Rockstar Men, 65+
Mountain Bike

Albuquerque Dirt Fiesta 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 17 2022

An annual 12 hour mountain bike in the mountains east of Albuquerque. This year Kim and I were to be on a 4 person co-ed team together but Kim is hurt so her fill in was Tony A. The other team members were Tom E. and Aileen E. The course is a 12 mile loop with about 1000 feet of climbing per lap. Fast and fun but with some moderately technical spots!

Team Santa Fe: 11h 29m 24s, 4/10, Co-ed team of 3-4

I did three laps for the team. My times were 57:22, 58:51 and 57:36.