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Road Bike

Abq Century

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 9 2017

Carl Gable: 5h 33m 33s, Open

Ride went well for the first 80 miles. Stayed with the lead group of about 12 riders. A tandem did get away from the group at about 55 miles due to a red light. Stayed with the 'lead group' behind that tandem until apx. mile 80 where Tony B had tire failure issues. I stayed with Tony until we determined it could not be repaired and then I continued. About 5 miles later I missed a turn and rode the rest of the ride off course. Still finished with full milage, just wandering through Abq on my own route.

Mountain Bike

Austin Rattler MTB

Smithville, TX • Apr 8 2017…

60 Mile Mountain Bike race on the Rocky Hill Ranch, 3 twenty mile loops.

Kim Bear: 6h 45m 13s, 1/1, Women 60-69

399 out of 437 total finishers.

Jan Bear: 5h 24m 02s, 4/15, Men 60-69

179 out of 437 total finishers.