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Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Mountain Bike Downhill

St. George, UT • Oct 14 2019

A short downhill mountain bike.

Jan Bear: 6m 43.8s, 5/9, Men Expert 60-64
Kim Bear: 7m 39.2s, 1/1, Women Expert 60-64

2nd place overall in women’s expert category.

Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Mountain Bike Hill Climb

St. George, NM • Oct 14 2019

A 2.1 mile mountain bike climb with about 800 feet of climbing.

Kim Bear: 18m 35.4s, 1/5, Women Expert
Jan Bear: 15m 01s, 3/9, Men Expert
Road Triathlon

Huntsman Senior Games, Triathlon

St. George, UT • Oct 12 2019

450M pool swim followed by a relatively flat 20K road bike then a 5K run with the first half up and the return to the finish gently downhill.

Jan Bear: 1h 09m 43.1s, 3/12, Men 60-64

8th of 59 racers overall. 4th fastest bike.

Kim Bear: 1h 14m 20.1s, 1/11, Women 60-64

2nd place overall out of 41 female racers.