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Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Jun 12-13 2021…

A 24 hour endurance mountain bike race near Gallup, NM. The actual location is McCaffey Campground. The course is fast and flowy in sections and rough and rocky in others. It is a pretty fast loop for 13 miles, with the fastest racers going under an hour. Kim and I were in the Co-Ed Duo Category.

Kim Bear: 12h 38m 26s, 2/8, Co-Ed Duo

8 Laps!

Jan Bear: 10h 56m 05s, 2/8, Co-Ed Duo

9 Laps!
Kim and I did 17 laps together in 23:34:32, missing 1st Place by 18 minutes. We should have a little faster by being better prepared for our nighttime exchanges. Based on apperance we were certainly the oldest team.

Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 30 2021

A good variety of terrain in the Horse Gulch area. Fun fast twisty trails, short climbs, and a few technical areas and a couple fast rocks descents.

Kim Bear: 1h 56m 32.3s, 2/5, Women 55-64
Jan Bear: 1h 27m 26.6s, 1/2, Men 65+

2nd place in the 55-65+ larger group.

Mountain Bike

Royal Gorge 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Canon City, CO • May 15 2021…

A tough 12 hour mountain bike race on a 10 mile course with about 1100 feet of elevation gain per lap. Fairly rocky with some steep downs and long steady climbs.

Jan Bear: 10h 50m 43.2s, 1/7, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 9h 17m 40.4s, 1/2, Women 60+.