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Mountain Bike

Tommy Knocker 10 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Silver City, NM • Mar 10 2018

A rocky 12 mile loop with about 800 feet of climbing per lap. About 50% single track and 50% double track.

Jan Bear: 8h 53m 46s, 1/9, Men 60+
Kim Bear: 8h 53m 47s, 2/7, Women 60+
Mountain Bike

ABQ Mixed Media Big Friggin Loop

Albuquerque, NM • Feb 24 2018

CX/MTB Mix Media Loops around Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

Carl Gable: 4h 55m, 9/31, Open

A mixed ride with road, double track and single track. Riders on CX bikes, rigid rigid MTB and full suspension. Pick your axe and enjoy the ride. Good turn out even though it was a cold day with temperatures around 27F at the start.

Fat Bike

USA Cycling Fat Tire National Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Feb 9 2018

A fun but tough due to snow conditions race at the Cannonsburg Ski Area just outside of Grand Rapids, MI. The snow was very dry and light making the course difficult in that if you were not in the rut of all the other riders you would crash quite quickly. Tough but fun!

Jan Bear: 1h 54m 48s, 5/14, Men 60-69

About 300 feet of climbing per lap. Kim did 4 laps, Jan did 5 laps. Race was scored like a cyclocross race in that you finished on the same lap as the leader. Kim was the only woman in the 60+ group to finish all 4 laps.

Kim Bear: 2h 10m 49s, 1/3, Women 60-69