Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Alien Run, NMORS #2

Aztec, NM • May 14 2022

A very tough 33 mile course with a little bit of everything, sand, baby head rock climbs, steep twisty descents, volcanic rock and finally some flowy sections.

Jan Bear: 3h 19m 37.9s, 1/2, Expert men 60+

13 of 24 total expert men.

Kim Bear: 4h 25m 39.5s, 1/1, Expert women 60+

The only women in the Expert race!


Mountain Bike

6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 30 2022…

A 6 hour endurance mountain bike race. This is a race that The CORE Crew promotes so it is hard to be putting on a race and racing in it! It is a fun 9.4 mile loop that is fast and flowy. There is 700 feet of climbing each lap.

Jan Bear: 5h 24m 16.2s, 1/2, Open Male Team

I did two laps with lap times of 44:56 and 45:34.

Kim Bear: 6h 03m 31.5s, 1/2, Open Female Team

Kim did two lap with lap times of 53:02 and 56:22. The last lap she helped bring in one of the junior girls who was having trouble finishing.

Olin killing it in the pool.
Road Triathlon

Lobo Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 10 2022…

A fast sprint triathlon at Johnson Field the UNM campus. Both the run and bike were totally on camps and the swim was in the natatorium.

Jan Bear: 33m 46.3s, 1/10, Open Teams

I did this event with Olin Brown, 400M pool swim in 6:55.3 and Jim Young, 5K road run in 22:38.8. Total time 1:04:00.6

Podium shot!
Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10 Mountain Bike Race

Silver City, NM • Apr 2 2022…

A new course that is 13 miles in length with 750 feet of climbing per lap. Fast and fun. Team Santa Fe completed 10 laps for a 130 mile total. It was a tight race with the second place team but they were unable to finish their 10th lap in the 10 hour time limit!

Jan Bear: 54m 35.2s, 1/12, CoEd Team
Kim Bear: 1h 04m 30.6s, 1/12, CoEd Team

Tem consisted of Aileen E, Tom E, Kim and I.


Mountain Bike

Bosque Sunday XC Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 27 2022…

For this race we used Friday's ITT course in reverse. There were just two of us in the 20 mile race Hawke and I. Of course Hawke beat me in a sprint to the line!

Jan Bear: 1h 22m 40s, 2/2, Open Men
Kim Bear: 1h 15m 20s, 2/5, Open Women
Mountain Bike

Bosque MTB, NMORS #1

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 26 2022

A fast fun very twisty mountain bike race in the Bosque in Albuquerque. You had a couple opportunities to ride your bike directly into the Rio Grande if you weren't careful.

Jan Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 men 60-69
Kim Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 women 60-69
Mountain Bike

Bosque Mountain Bike ITT

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 25 2022…

A twisty flat individual mountain bike individual time trial. Hawke had a great 3 day event planned, too bad more people didn't show up to race, it was fun with challenging courses!

Jan Bear: 15m 42s, 2/3, Men A
Kim Bear: 19m 10s, 2/3, Women
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Enduro Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 13 2022…

3 fun enduro segments. One longer segment and 2 shorter segments, the long one was fast and flowy while the two shorter ones were more technical.

Kim Bear: 16m 10s, 2/3, Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 13m 27.9s, 5/14, Men 60-69
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 12 2022…

A 43 mile mountain bike race. The last few miles is very rough and tiring. This course has it all, rocky terrain, fast flowy sections, tight twisty sections and lots of short ups and downs.

Jan Bear: 3h 12m 34.1s, 4/20, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 4h 04m 40.4s, 3/4, Women 60-69
Mountain Bike Stage Race

The Cactus Cup

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 11-13 2022…

The 3 races all together is the Cactus Cup!

Kim Bear: 4h 51m 45.3s, 2/3, Women 60-69

Only 3 women in this age group completed all 3 events.

Jan Bear: 3h 51m 25.2s, 4/8, Men 60-69

Only 8 men in this age group completed all 3 events.

Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Individual Time Trial

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 11 2022…

A fast 5.5 mile mountain bike course with a little of everything, sand, fast turns, climbs, steep descents and some very fast sections.

Jan Bear: 25m 23.3s, 5/12, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 30m 55s, 2/3, Women 60-69


Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Tucson, AZ • Feb 19-20 2022…

The iconic 24 hour mountain bike race. It's been around for 20+ years and is a huge event. Several thousand people are there at the race as spectators and racers. The course is a fast 16 mile loop. I was there with the same team I did the race with in 2020 and Kim was solo.

Kim Bear: 1d 23m 22s, 5/9, Open solo women
Jan Bear: 1d 14s, 2/23, Men total age 250+
Fat Bike

Silverton Whiteout Fat Bike Race

Silverton, CO • Feb 5 2022

This was a fun local event but it sure was cold. When we arrived in Silverton race morning the temperature was -8 degrees. Kim did a duo with Brent and i was solo. The temperature go into the 20's during the day but it was still a cold day on the bike after being in shot sleeves in Temecula, CA only a week ago.

Kim Bear: 6h 40m, 4/12, CoEd Duo

Both Kim and Brent did great logging three laps each and finishing in an unofficial 4th place with 66 miles on racing on snow!!

Jan Bear: 6h 15m 17s, 7/34, Open Solo Men

There were so quasi official results but no formal results on the Whiteout website. I could have done another lap time wise but I was getting cold and the sun had already gone behind the mountain and the course was now in 100% shade so only going to get colder!!


Mountain Bike

8 Hours of Temecula

Temecula, CA • Jan 30 2022…

A fast twisty 8 mile course with about 800 feet of climbing a lap. Short steep ups and fast twisty down hills as well as some double track for passing. All in all a fun course!

Kim Bear: 7h 23m 25.4s, 1/2, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 7h 25m 40.2s, 2/2, Men 60-69.

I did 85 miles in 7 and 1/2 hours and figured that was enough! I was not going to be able to catch the guy in front of me so I slowed down and only did 12 laps instead of jamming in the 13th lap!

Gravel Race

Texas Chainring Massacre

Valley View, TX • Jan 22 2022…

A fairly fast smooth gravel race in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tom E, Kim and I decided to try it in anticipation of our upcoming gravel CORE Crew gravel event in conjunction with the Santa Fe Century. We wanted to check out how a big gravel event is run! Now we know!!

Kim Bear: 2h 18m 05s, 1/4, 65 and older 30 miler
Jan Bear: 3h 10m 25s, 2/10, Men 61+, 50 mile race
Mountain Bike

The El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 16 2022…

The Puzzler is one tough mountain bike race. We have been doing it on and off for a few years and this year's race was even tougher. Reason, about a year ago heavy rains washed out many of the trails and they are still very rough. Some areas like the descent off Mundy Pass has some really bad sections that previously were very fast. We did the 35 mile race as the 50 miler adds another big climb and I didn't think it was much fun historically. Great weather this year, great volunteers and a all around fun atmosphere!!

Jan Bear: 4h 32m 58s, 2/15, Men 50+.

8th Place overall in the 35 mile race out of 89 racers.

Kim Bear: 6h 14m 59s, 2/2, Women 50+.

4th out of a total of 6 women entered!

On Course with Kim

Hay's Apple Orchard CX

Bosque Farms, NM • Jan 8 2022

A typical Hays Apple Orchard CX race with a couple of ne running sections. As always Hawke makes us work hard but the Hays event always has a fun but challenging course!

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+.