Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Road Triathlon

City of Lake Sprint Triathlon

Santa Rosa, NM • Jun 17 2017…

A classic NM triathlon in Santa Rosa that finishes at the Blue Hole.

Jan Bear: 1h 27m 36s, 1/3, Men 60-64

13/62 overall.

Kim Bear: 1h 26m 10s, 1/5, Women 60-64

6/55 overall.

Mountain Bike

RAT Race, Ridgway Area Trails Inaugural Mountain Bike Race

Ridgway, CO • Jun 10 2017

A great trail network northeast of Ridgway, CO. Fast, fun new trail system with beautiful views.

Jan Bear: 2h 47m 39s, 11/32, Men 40+
Kim Bear: 3h 19m 46s, 4/6, Women 40+


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 28 2017…

A short fast but tough mountain bike course based in downtown Durango, CO.

Jan Bear: 1h 11m 25s, 7/36, Men 55+
Kim Bear: 40m 31.3s, 1/8, Women 55+
Mountain Bike

Grand Junction Off Road 40 Grand

Grand Junction, CO • May 20 2017…

Tough rocky moderately technical mountain bike race! 43 Miles!!

Jan Bear: 4h 54m 40s, 3/14, Distinguished Male
Kim Bear: 6h 18m 11s, 1/1, Distinguished Female
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon Nationals

Arkadelphia, AR • May 7 2017…

50 Mile mountain bike race with about 46 miles of single track!!

Jan Bear: 4h 39m 41s, 4/19, Men 60-64
Kim Bear: 5h 57m 06s, 2/2, Women 60+


Road Bike

Abq Century

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 9 2017

Carl Gable: 5h 33m 33s, Open

Ride went well for the first 80 miles. Stayed with the lead group of about 12 riders. A tandem did get away from the group at about 55 miles due to a red light. Stayed with the 'lead group' behind that tandem until apx. mile 80 where Tony B had tire failure issues. I stayed with Tony until we determined it could not be repaired and then I continued. About 5 miles later I missed a turn and rode the rest of the ride off course. Still finished with full milage, just wandering through Abq on my own route.

Mountain Bike

Austin Rattler MTB

Smithville, TX • Apr 8 2017…

60 Mile Mountain Bike race on the Rocky Hill Ranch, 3 twenty mile loops.

Kim Bear: 6h 45m 13s, 1/1, Women 60-69

399 out of 437 total finishers.

Jan Bear: 5h 24m 02s, 4/15, Men 60-69

179 out of 437 total finishers.

Heartbreak Hill
Road Bike

505 Cycling Classic

Cedar Crest, NM • Apr 1 2017

Road bike event in the 505 Classic Omnium Bike Race

Carl Gable: 2h 24m, 28/41, Men Cat 5


Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup 43 Mile Mountain Bike Race

Fountain Hille, AZ • Mar 11 2017

A fast fun 43 mile mountain bike loop!

Kim Bear: 3h 53m 34s, 4/11, Women 40+
Jan Bear: 3h 21m 51s, 6/16, Men 55+
Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Short Track

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 10 2017

McDowell Mountain Sport Loop Short Track

Jan Bear: 18m 42s, 44/72, Men 35+
Kim Bear: 17m 57s, 1/5, Women 40+


Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10 Hour MTB

Ft. Bayard, NM • Feb 25 2017

A 12 mile loop with about 8 stream crossings to keep you on your feet!!

Kim Bear: 9h 47m 21s, 2/4, Women's Team

2 laps each with Kari Wilner, JJ Bear and Anne Marie Peck.

Jan Bear: 9h 05m 18s, 6/19, Men pairs

Clark did 4 laps and I did 5 laps. His were all faster!!

Trail Run

Corrida de los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 4 2017

A hilly 5 mile run thru the Marty Sanchez Golf Course plus some more trails nearby.

Kim Bear: 53.3s, 3/4, Women 60-69


Fat Bike

Michigan State Fat Bike Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Jan 29 2017

The same course as was used in the National Championship race with a little more snow.

Jan Bear: 51m 26s, 3/4, Cat 1/2 Men 50+
Kim Bear: 40m 49s, 3/3, Pro/1/2/3 Women
Fat Bike

USA Cycling Fat Tire National Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Jan 28 2017

Fat Bike race on minimal snow in cold conditions on a rolling golf course.

Kim Bear: 1h 16m 54s, 1/3, 60+ Women
Jan Bear: 1h 12m 36s, 7/16, 60+ Men

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 5 2017

The weather turned cold, in fact freezing. Yesterday's mud turned into frozen ruts!!

Kim Bear: 29m 21s, 2/5, Women 60-64

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 4 2017

Todays course was changed making it shorter. Unfortunately it rained all night and the mud was very thick and deep.

Jan Bear: 51m 25s, 34/63, Men 60-64

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 3 2017

A tough muddy course, this race was the full length course with the exception of the pro hill near the finish line.

Jan Bear: 36m 55s, 37/70, Men 50+ Non-Championship
Kim Bear: 38m 45s, 11/20, Women 40+ Non-Championship