Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Leadville Trail 100 MTB

Leadville, CO • Aug 12 2017

The Iconic 100 mile mountain bike race in Leadville, CO.

Jan Bear: 10h 04m 02s, 14/70, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 11h 52m 59s, 1/4, Women 60-69
Road Bike

Santa Fe Hill Climb

Santa Fe, NM • Aug 6 2017

This is an annual road bike climb from Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe to the Santa Fe Ski Basin. This year Kim and I decided to do it on mountain bikes for our last Leadville training ride so we could ride the Windsor Trail back to Tesuque then over the hill back into Santa Fe.

Jan Bear: 1h 44m 25s, 6/6, Cat 4 Men
Kim Bear: 2h 41m 01s, 7/8, Cat 4-5 Women


Mountain Bike

Oak Flats Cross Country MTB NMORS #6

Albuquerque, NM • Jul 30 2017

A fast fun 30 mile mountain bike race. Part of the New Mexico Off Road Series.

Kim Bear: 2h 17m 05s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 2h 27m 47s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60-69
Road Triathlon

Los Alamos Triathlon

Los Alamos, NM • Jul 29 2017…

43rd Annual Los Alamos Triathlon!

Jan Bear: 1h 20m 50s, 1/5, Men 6-64

35th place overall.

Kim Bear: 1h 14m 26s, 1/2, Co-ed Team 40-49

Kim raced with Kevin Williams due to her ankle injury. Kim did the bike and swim and Kevin the run. Slotted in the 40-49 age group as that is the age group of their average age.

Mountain Bike

Oso High Mountain Bike Race NMORS #5

Angel Fire, NM • Jul 15 2017…

A fast hard mountain bike race at an altitude of 8500 feet.

Jan Bear: 2h 16m 14s, 1/3, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 2h 23m 47s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+


Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

Gallup, NM • Jun 24-25 2017…

A 24 hour endurance mountain bike race on a 13.1 mile course.

Jan Bear and Kim Bear: 16h 18m 20s, 4/8, Duo Coed

We were having a great race and had 9 laps done in the first 12 hours. We quit after Kim fell and hurt her ankle about midnight, she finished her lap but could not continue. The rules state that each rider needs to be with in 2 laps of the other team member. At that point I had 7 laps and Kim 6, so I could have done one more but that would be all I could do as our total would be 8 for me and 6 for Kim. Better luck next year.

Road Triathlon

City of Lake Sprint Triathlon

Santa Rosa, NM • Jun 17 2017…

A classic NM triathlon in Santa Rosa that finishes at the Blue Hole.

Jan Bear: 1h 27m 36s, 1/3, Men 60-64

13/62 overall.

Kim Bear: 1h 26m 10s, 1/5, Women 60-64

6/55 overall.

Mountain Bike

RAT Race, Ridgway Area Trails Inaugural Mountain Bike Race

Ridgway, CO • Jun 10 2017

A great trail network northeast of Ridgway, CO. Fast, fun new trail system with beautiful views.

Jan Bear: 2h 47m 39s, 11/32, Men 40+
Kim Bear: 3h 19m 46s, 4/6, Women 40+


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 28 2017…

A short fast but tough mountain bike course based in downtown Durango, CO.

Jan Bear: 1h 11m 25s, 7/36, Men 55+
Kim Bear: 40m 31.3s, 1/8, Women 55+
Mountain Bike

Grand Junction Off Road 40 Grand

Grand Junction, CO • May 20 2017…

Tough rocky moderately technical mountain bike race! 43 Miles!!

Jan Bear: 4h 54m 40s, 3/14, Distinguished Male
Kim Bear: 6h 18m 11s, 1/1, Distinguished Female
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon Nationals

Arkadelphia, AR • May 7 2017…

50 Mile mountain bike race with about 46 miles of single track!!

Jan Bear: 4h 39m 41s, 4/19, Men 60-64
Kim Bear: 5h 57m 06s, 2/2, Women 60+


Road Bike

Abq Century

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 9 2017

Carl Gable: 5h 33m 33s, Open

Ride went well for the first 80 miles. Stayed with the lead group of about 12 riders. A tandem did get away from the group at about 55 miles due to a red light. Stayed with the 'lead group' behind that tandem until apx. mile 80 where Tony B had tire failure issues. I stayed with Tony until we determined it could not be repaired and then I continued. About 5 miles later I missed a turn and rode the rest of the ride off course. Still finished with full milage, just wandering through Abq on my own route.

Mountain Bike

Austin Rattler MTB

Smithville, TX • Apr 8 2017…

60 Mile Mountain Bike race on the Rocky Hill Ranch, 3 twenty mile loops.

Kim Bear: 6h 45m 13s, 1/1, Women 60-69

399 out of 437 total finishers.

Jan Bear: 5h 24m 02s, 4/15, Men 60-69

179 out of 437 total finishers.

Heartbreak Hill
Road Bike

505 Cycling Classic

Cedar Crest, NM • Apr 1 2017

Road bike event in the 505 Classic Omnium Bike Race

Carl Gable: 2h 24m, 28/41, Men Cat 5


Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup 43 Mile Mountain Bike Race

Fountain Hille, AZ • Mar 11 2017

A fast fun 43 mile mountain bike loop!

Kim Bear: 3h 53m 34s, 4/11, Women 40+
Jan Bear: 3h 21m 51s, 6/16, Men 55+
Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Short Track

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 10 2017

McDowell Mountain Sport Loop Short Track

Jan Bear: 18m 42s, 44/72, Men 35+
Kim Bear: 17m 57s, 1/5, Women 40+


Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10 Hour MTB

Ft. Bayard, NM • Feb 25 2017

A 12 mile loop with about 8 stream crossings to keep you on your feet!!

Kim Bear: 9h 47m 21s, 2/4, Women's Team

2 laps each with Kari Wilner, JJ Bear and Anne Marie Peck.

Jan Bear: 9h 05m 18s, 6/19, Men pairs

Clark did 4 laps and I did 5 laps. His were all faster!!

Trail Run

Corrida de los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 4 2017

A hilly 5 mile run thru the Marty Sanchez Golf Course plus some more trails nearby.

Kim Bear: 53.3s, 3/4, Women 60-69


Fat Bike

Michigan State Fat Bike Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Jan 29 2017

The same course as was used in the National Championship race with a little more snow.

Jan Bear: 51m 26s, 3/4, Cat 1/2 Men 50+
Kim Bear: 40m 49s, 3/3, Pro/1/2/3 Women
Fat Bike

USA Cycling Fat Tire National Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Jan 28 2017

Fat Bike race on minimal snow in cold conditions on a rolling golf course.

Kim Bear: 1h 16m 54s, 1/3, 60+ Women
Jan Bear: 1h 12m 36s, 7/16, 60+ Men

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 5 2017

The weather turned cold, in fact freezing. Yesterday's mud turned into frozen ruts!!

Kim Bear: 29m 21s, 2/5, Women 60-64

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 4 2017

Todays course was changed making it shorter. Unfortunately it rained all night and the mud was very thick and deep.

Jan Bear: 51m 25s, 34/63, Men 60-64

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Hartford, CT • Jan 3 2017

A tough muddy course, this race was the full length course with the exception of the pro hill near the finish line.

Jan Bear: 36m 55s, 37/70, Men 50+ Non-Championship
Kim Bear: 38m 45s, 11/20, Women 40+ Non-Championship