Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing



Mountain Bike

Fat Tire 40

Crested Butte, CO • Jun 23 2018…

Fine Crested Butte single track for 40 miles. Some smooth flow, some rocky chunk, lots of single track.

Carl Gable: 5h 18m 31s, 4/10, Men 50+

4/10 Men 50+, 101/132 overall

Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

Gallup, NM • Jun 23-24 2018…

24 hour mountain bike race just outside of Gallup, NM in the Zuni Mountains. Great Single track!

Kim Bear: 11h 43m 07s, 1/2, Solo Women 60+
The Finish!!
Mountain Bike

Tour Divide

Banff, CA • Jun 8 - Jul 1 2018…

A self supported mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM. 2725 miles.

Jan Bear: 23d 15h 33m 59s, 28/154, Open

An epic journey!! A physical and mental challenge. This bucket list item has now been checked off.

1st Scott Wong, 2nd Carl Gable, 3rd Bill Roth
Mountain Bike

Glorieta Glory Days

Glorieta, NM • Jun 2 2018

Glory Days at Glorieta Camps isthe New Mexico/El Paso Regional XC Championship.

Kim Bear: 2h 05m 32s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Carl Gable: 1h 43m 36s, 2/3, 60+ Cat 2 Men

15th of 35 overall


Gunnison Growler Carl Gable
Mountain Bike

The Original Growler

Gunnison, CO • May 27 2018

The Growler is 64 files of technical single track. The race is fast flow in the sage to technical rock steps in the rocks of Hartman Rocks. This race is not something to try off the couch. The course is big, the course is hard, the second lap will test you.

Carl Gable: 9h 02m 24s, 20/26, Men 50-59

Thought I'd be in the 60+ group but this race treats racer age as age the day of the race. Tough group.

Mountain Bike

High Desert Classic, NMORS #4

Cloudcroft, NM • May 20 2018…

A climbing heavy race with 4000 feet of it in 30 miles. Lots of rough single-tract!!

Jan Bear: 3h 09m 43s, 1/3, Men Cat 1, 60+.
Kim Bear: 4h 12m 59s, 2/2, Women Cat 1, 60+
Mountain Bike

Pajarito: Rocky Mountain Race Series

Los Alamos, NM • May 19 2018 http://www.chocolatebunnyproduct…

2 laps of first gear grind up Pajarito Ski area with fast and chunky down.

Carl Gable: 1h 40m 12s, 2/5, Cat 2 Men

Due to small field size all categories were lumped together. Results show second place overall in Cat 2 Men.

Kim's Podium!
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon Championships

Arkadelphia, AK • May 6 2018…

A fun trail system next to Degray Lake on the Caddo River outside Arkadelphia, AK. Lots of twists and turns a beautiful forested setting.

Jan Bear: 4h 33m 28s, 9/22, Men 60-64

6 minutes faster than last year but dropped from 5th place to 9th place, 22 minutes out of first place, a pretty tight race.

Kim Bear: 5h 42m 21s, 3/3, Women 60-64

Faster than last year!


The start.
Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture XC MTB, NMORS #2

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 28 2018…

An 8.5 mile rolling course with Sand, rock and lots of twisting and turning.

Kim Bear: 2h 46m 35s, 2/2, Cat 1 Women 60+
Carl Gable: 1h 27m 14s, 2/3, Men Cat 2 60+
Kim on the Podium!
Mountain Bike

12 Hours in the Wild West

Ruidoso, NM • Apr 21 2018

A tough 11.3 mile course with a 4 1/2 mile climb to start each lap with a 1000 foot climb. A fun but challenging rock garden with some big rocks and finally a fast but fun decent back to the lake.

Jan Bear: 10h 34m 35s, 1/4, Men 60+

11.6 miles per lap for a total of 7 laps equals 81 miles.

Kim Bear: 9h 57m 38s, 1/1, Women 60+

11.6 miles per lap for a total of 6 laps equals 70 miles.

The winning team!
Road Triathlon

Lobo Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 8 2018

A fast fun sprint triathlon at UNM in Albuquerque. Kim and I did it with James Young, James did the run, Jan the bike and Kim the swim.

Jan Bear: 1h 06m 22s, 1/21, Teams Overall

James's run 20:46, Jan's bike 36:51 and Kim's swim 8:17. Added up to a 1st place win with very little time to spare, 2nd place was only 1 minute and 36 seconds back.


Happy Day!
Mountain Bike

Austin Rattler 100K MTB

Smithvill, TX • Mar 31 2018…

A very, very muddy course with total race times this year about 40-50 minutes longer than last year.

Kim Bear: 7h 33m 06s, 2/3, Women 60-69

249 out of 443 total entrants. Only 258 racers finished in under 8 hours.

Jan Bear: 5h 58m 39s, 1/18, Men 60-69

107 out of 443 total entrants. Only 258 racers finished in under 8 hours.

Kim's Podium
Mountain Bike

Tommy Knocker 10 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Silver City, NM • Mar 10 2018

A rocky 12 mile loop with about 800 feet of climbing per lap. About 50% single track and 50% double track.

Jan Bear: 8h 53m 46s, 1/9, Men 60+
Kim Bear: 8h 53m 47s, 2/7, Women 60+


Mountain Bike

ABQ Mixed Media Big Friggin Loop

Albuquerque, NM • Feb 24 2018

CX/MTB Mix Media Loops around Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

Carl Gable: 4h 55m, 9/31, Open

A mixed ride with road, double track and single track. Riders on CX bikes, rigid rigid MTB and full suspension. Pick your axe and enjoy the ride. Good turn out even though it was a cold day with temperatures around 27F at the start.

The Podium
Fat Bike

USA Cycling Fat Tire National Championships

Grand Rapids, MI • Feb 9 2018

A fun but tough due to snow conditions race at the Cannonsburg Ski Area just outside of Grand Rapids, MI. The snow was very dry and light making the course difficult in that if you were not in the rut of all the other riders you would crash quite quickly. Tough but fun!

Jan Bear: 1h 54m 48s, 5/14, Men 60-69

About 300 feet of climbing per lap. Kim did 4 laps, Jan did 5 laps. Race was scored like a cyclocross race in that you finished on the same lap as the leader. Kim was the only woman in the 60+ group to finish all 4 laps.

Kim Bear: 2h 10m 49s, 1/3, Women 60-69


Fat Bike

Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO • Jan 27 2018 https://fatbikeworlds.itsyourrac…

A fun Fat Bike course with about 250 feet of elevation gain per lap on a cross country ski course in Crested Butte, CO. The race consisted of 5 laps each 6 miles in length. Temperature at the race start was 0 degrees!

Kim Bear: 2h 30m 55s, 1/3, Women 50+

Overall 10 of 22 women overall.

Jan Bear: 2h 17m 47s, 6/20, Men 50+

Overall 35 of 90 men overall.

Kim on the podium

USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Championship Race

Reno, NV • Jan 10 2018

A good tough nationals course.

Kim Bear: 32m 04s, 5/9, Women 60-64
Jan Bear: 41m 12s, 26/47, Men 60-64

USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Non-Championship Race

Reno, NV • Jan 9 2018

A good all around nationals course

Jan Bear: 34m 24s, 43/64, Men 50+
Kim Bear: 36m 47s, 19/31, Women 40+