Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Firecracker 50 Mountain Bike Race

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 4 2024 https://2022firecracker50.itsyou…

A tough but fun Fourth of July mountain bike race. The rest continues to be very hard. The race is 5o miles in length with 3900ft of climbing. Kim and I entered the 120+ age group. We were the only coed pair. We ended up 6th out of 9 teams. Our total time was 6:58:22.

Kim Bear: 3h 53m 15s, 6/9, 120+ age group
Jan Bear: 3h 05m 08s, 6/9, 120+ age group


Mountain Bike

The Torture at Glorieta Camps

Pecos, NM • Jun 29 2024…

This year's La Tierra Torture became The Torture at Glorieta Camps due to permitting issues with the City of Santa Fe. We had a great course with varying levels of difficulty for beginners, intermediate and expert racers. The loop varied between 3.5 and 5 miles in length. The intermediate and expert racers had some more demanding climbing and rocky decents.

Kim Bear: 1h 26m 24.2s, 1/1, Intermediate women 60-69.
Jan Bear: 1h 53m 28.8s, 2/4, Expert men 60-69

I was beaten handedly by my brother Todd!!

Road Triathlon

Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon

Loveland, CO • Jun 22 2024…

A fun triathlon in a very pretty spot near Fort Collins, CO. Very scenic lake and a rolling bike course with a run through a beautiful sculpture garden. Kim did the aquabike a 1.5K swim and 30 mile bike while I did the sprint triathlon, a 750M swim, 15 mile bike and 5K run.

Jan Bear: 1h 37m 59s, 2/7, Sprint Men 65-69
Kim Bear: 2h 19m 31s, 2/3, Aqua Bike Women 65+


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Mountain Bike Race

Durango , CO • May 26 2024

This year's race was a 5+ mile loop starting at Chapman Hill and going up to Fort Lewis College around the campus and back down Champan Hill. There were several fun sections but also a couple big climbs each lap. I did 3 laps and Kim did 2 laps.

Kim Bear: 1h 16m 42.7s, 1/2, Women 65+
Jan Bear: 1h 26m 07.6s, 1/4, Men 65+
Mountain Bike

Alien Run Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #1

Aztec, NM • May 4 2024

A long 26 miles of rough trail with some techy sections. Same course as last year.

Kim Bear: 1h 47m 42.3s, 1/1, 60+ Women

5th of 7 women in the sport race.

Jan Bear: 2h 28m 01.6s, 1/1, 60+ Men

17th of the 23 men who did the expert course.


Mountain Bike

Epic Rides Whisky 50 Mountain Bike Race

Prescott, AZ • Apr 27 2024…

This race has been on our list for a few years but was always on the same weekend as our 6 Hours in the Basin Mountain Bike race. Finally they were on different weekends so we signed up. Kim signed up for the 25 mile race and I signed up for the 50 mile race. Both races we fun but maybe a little to much dirt road riding for our liking but certainly understand the need for it when you have a couple thousand riders. The courses had some great singletrack just not enough.

Kim Bear: 2h 57m 54s, 4/10, Distinguished Women 60+
Jan Bear: 4h 52m 19s, 8/43, Distinguished Men 60+
Mountain Bike

6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 20 2024…

This was our 6th annual race at Galisteo Basin. We have been using the same fast and fun 9.5 mile loop with about 800 feet of elevation per lap. There is a little bit of everything each lap, rock, gravel, sand, tight twisty sections, fast flowy sections and some double track for passing. This year's race started in cold windy conditions and ended with sun and temperatures in the low 60's.

Jan Bear: 46m 05.5s, 1/3, Male Team

Todd K. and Brent B. were on my team. We did 7 laps in 5:55:59.7. Todd did 3 laps and Brent and I each did 2 laps. My second lap was 46:30.6.

Kim Bear: 57m 21.2s, 2/4, Female Duo

Kim did 3 laps, her other laps were 1:00:52.4 and 1:05:24.9. Her partner was her daughter JJ Williams.

Mountain Bike

Zia Rides TommyKnocker 10

Fort Bayard, NM • Apr 6 2024…

This year's race was COLD. We woke up to snow flurries and a temperature of 32 degrees, with the wind chill making it feel even colder. Kim was paired up with Maripat for a Female Duo and I was paired up with Ries for a Male Duo. The race course was about 13 miles in length with about 1000 feet of climbing per lap. The first lap is only 10 miles in length primarily on a dirt road for the first 4+ miles to spread everyone out. A fun course but the high winds, gusts to 40 MPH accompanied with the cold certainly made for a challenging day on the bike.

Jan Bear: 9h 39m 02s, 5/24, Male Duo

Our lap times were all within 3-4 minutes of each other so a good steady pace. I did the start lap and the 4 more and Ries did 4 for our total of 9 laps. We were pretty happy with a 5th place as we were certainly the oldest Male Duo team.

Kim Bear: 8h 40m 37s, 4/8, Women Duo Team

Kim did 3 laps, with the shorter first lap time of 49:26, then laps 2 & 3, 1:18:36 and 1:20:49


Kim on the podium
Mountain Bike

US Pro Cup Vail Lake

Temecula, CA • Mar 24 2024…

The course was a mix of tight twisty trail, some open bermed trails with a couple small sections of open double track. There was about 700 feet of climbing per 7 mile lap.

Kim Bear: 1h 30m 41s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 1h 44m 46s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60-69
Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup, "The Overall"

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 10 2024…

This is the combined 3 days of racing. This is a great event, getting bigger every year and it's usually great weather in the desert!!

Kim Bear: 4h 51m 55.5s, 3/3, women 60-69

Only three women completed all three races in this age group!!

Jan Bear: 3h 52m 19.9s, 4/16, men 60-69

Last year there were only 7 men who completed all 3 events and this year 16!

Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup Day 3, "Enduro"

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 10 2024…

A 3 stage enduro. The stages are pretty tame with a moderate amount of pedaling! For the day you end up riding about 15 miles.

Jan Bear: 12m 58.9s, 3/22, men 60-69

Stage 1 = 6:17, Stage 2 = 3:42 and Stage 3 = 2:58. On Stage 3 I choose the hard line and didn't make it up the big step up and had to climb up costing me a big chunk of time!

Kim Bear: 15m 04.7s, 1/5, women 60-69

Kim crushed the enduro winning by over 20 seconds!

Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup Day 2, "40 Mile Cross Country Race"

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 9 2024…

A fast course with some very rocky sections in the last third of the course. And it's not 40 miles but 43 miles!

Jan Bear: 3h 13m 36s, 6/36, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 4h 05m 48.1s, 4/6, women 60-69
Mountain Bike

Cactus Cup Day 1, "Time Trial"

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 8 2024…

A very fast, except for the climb, 5.6 mile mountain bike course with a little bit of everything, sand, rocks, big sweeping turns, tight twisty turns and a big drop making for a great TT course.

Kim Bear: 31m 02.6s, 5/6, Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 25m 47s, 5/25, Men 60-69


Mountain Bike

24 Hours of Old Pueblo Mountain Bike Race

Oracle, AZ • Feb 17-18 2024…

This annual event has been going on for 24 years. The course is a very fast 16 mile desert ride with lots of twists and turns, some rocks, lots of sand and CACTUS! It is fun but really just too many participants despite the race being capped at 2000.

Kim Bear: 1d 41m 26.5s, 14/29, 5 Person Coed combined ages 250+

Team Santa Fe crushed it for 14th place in a tough division after 16 laps and 256 miles of racing. Team members, Deborah K, Kim B, Brent B, Ruben R, and Wendell E! Each team member did three laps except Wendell who did 4! Kim was very happy with a 1:23:36 first lap.

Jan Bear: 1d 47m 50s, 2/29, 5 Person Coed combined ages 250+

We had a great team, Aileen E, Randy F, David J, David M and myself. We were faster than last year but still came up just a few minutes short ending up in second place 13 minutes off the top step of the podium after 21 laps and 336 miles of racing. Overall I personally was a little slower by about 2 minutes over the four laps but had to walk one of the bitches on my lap #4 due to a racer injury at the bottom of the hill so the organizers and medical staff made all the racers walk that 3-400 yard section, without that issue I think my times would have been the same as last year, this includes two night laps.



New Mexico Old Fashioned Cyclocross Series Race #5

Bosque Farms, NM • Jan 20 2024

A fun race in the Hays Apple Orchard with plenty of chances to make some applesauce with your tires! Twisty fun among the apple trees.

Kim Bear: 1h 02s, 3/3, Open women
Jan Bear: 1h 03m 02s, 1/4, Men 50+
Mountain Bike

McDowell Mountain Meltdown Mountain Bike Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Jan 13 2024

It was great to leave the cold wet New Mexico weather for some outdoor mountain biking in AZ. McDowell Mountain Park has some great trails for racing.

Kim Bear: 1h 29m 05s, 3/5, Women Expert 50+
Jan Bear: 3h 26m 05.2s, 18/39, Marathon Men 45+