Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing

New Zealand 2001 Eco-challenge Photo: Mark Cosslett, Into Adventure

Carl Gable


Carl's current focus is on utral-length mountain bike racing and multi-day mountain bike stage races. In 2014 Carl competed in the Yak Attack, a 9 day MTB stage race in Nepal and the highest bike race in the world with a maximum altitude of 17,500 feet. Carl has competed successfully in four Eco-Challenge expedition competition races, as team captain in B.C. Canada '96 finishing in 14th place and as a team member in the inaugural Eco-Challenge in Utah '95. In 2001 he raced with REI/Salomon and finished 31st in Eco-Challenge, New Zealand. In 2002 he was team captain of Team Santa Fe in the Subaru Primal Quest Telluride finishing 28th place. In 2003 he raced with Team Santa Fe in Eco-Challenge North America Championships, Sault St. Marie, Ontario Canada as well a Subaru Primal Quest, Lake Tahoe CA/NV. Other races include EMA Brazil in 2000 and he raced with Team Santa Fe to win the open division of Four Winds Adventure Rage 1999, Page AZ.

Carl's outdoor activity foundation comes from thirty years of ski mountaineering, alpine climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing and white water boating. This includes, 14 days ski mountaineering in Alaska's Ruth Gorge in 1998, many 6-12 day ski mountaineering trips in the Sierra Nevada CA, alpine ascents in Bolivia (Mt. Illimani, 21,208 ft.) and leading 5.10 rock and NEI 5 ice. Boating experience includes working as a rafting guide in 1983 and twice rowing a raft on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River and Middle Fork Salmon River. He is also an experienced mountain biker, racing in the 2000 Vail 100 mile mt. bike race and the 2003 Durango 100. He is a runner with many marathon and ultra-marathon running races including the Leadville 100, San Juan Solstice 50 and the Jemez 50 under his belt. Carl was captain of the UC Berkeley X-C Ski Team for three years and president and treasurer of Harvard Mountaineering Club.

Carl earned his Ph.D. in Geophysics from Harvard University in 1989 and presently works as a geophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. His work involves mesh generation for geological applications and development of the mesh generation software package LaGriT.

Race Results

BRECK EPIC 2017 STAGE 6 - Gold Dust

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 18 2017
Carl Gable: 3h 11m 49s, 6/20, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

GC Total Time Time Back Stage 2 Time Rank
7 -- 29:12:31 -- --:--:-- -- 03:11:49 ---- 5

BRECK EPIC 2017 STAGE 4 - Aqueduct

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 16 2017
Carl Gable: 1 lap, 5h 11m, 5/20, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

GC Total Time Time Back Stage 2 Time Rank
7 -- 20:55:48 -- 01:23:54 -- 05:11:00 ---- 5

Glorieta Glory Days

Glorieta, NM • Jun 2 2018
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 1h 43m 36s, 2/3, 60+ Cat 2 Men

15th of 35 overall

Pajarito: Rocky Mountain Race Series

Los Alamos, NM • May 19 2018
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 1h 40m 12s, 2/5, Cat 2 Men

Due to small field size all categories were lumped together. Results show second place overall in Cat 2 Men.

La Tierra Torture XC MTB, NMORS #2

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 28 2018
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 1h 27m 14s, 2/3, Men Cat 2 60+

BRECK EPIC 2017 STAGE 5 - Wheeler

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 17 2017
Carl Gable: 5h 04m 53s, 5/20, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

GC Total Time Time Back Stage 2 Time Rank
7 -- 26:00:42 -- --:--:-- -- 05:04:53 ---- 5

The Original Growler

Gunnison, CO • May 27 2018
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 9h 02m 24s, 20/26, Men 50-59

Thought I'd be in the 60+ group but this race treats racer age as age the day of the race. Tough group.

ABQ Mixed Media Big Friggin Loop

Albuquerque, NM • Feb 24 2018
Carl Gable: 1 lap, 4h 55m, 9/31, Open

A mixed ride with road, double track and single track. Riders on CX bikes, rigid rigid MTB and full suspension. Pick your axe and enjoy the ride. Good turn out even though it was a cold day with temperatures around 27F at the start.

Breck Epic 2017 Stage 3 – Guyot

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 15 2017
Carl Gable: 6h 07m 52s, 8/22, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

GC Total Time Time Back Stage 2 Time Rank
7 -- 15:44:48 -- 01:06:57 -- 06:07:52 ---- 8

Breck Epic 2017 Stage 2 – Colorado Trail

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 14 2017
Carl Gable: 5h 11m 08s, 6/23, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

GC Total Time Time Back Stage 2 Time Rank
6 -- 09:36:55 -- 00:25:18 -- 05:11:08 ---- 6

Breck Epic 2017 Stage 1 – Pennsylvania Gulch

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 13 2017
Carl Gable: 4h 25m 47s, 5/22, Men Cat 2-3 50-59

Oak Flats Cross Country MTB NMORS #6

Albuquerque, NM • Jul 30 2017
Carl Gable: 1h 52m 03s, 3/4, M Cat 2 50-59

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

Gallop, NM • Jun 24-25 2017
Carl Gable, Joel Krypel, Petra Pirc, and Stu Wyllie: 21 laps, 23h 49m 56s, 4/23, Co-ed Team of 4

Fun race, fun course, fun people to race with. We were in a race the whole time and ended just 6 minutes out of 3rd place and just 29 minutes out of 2nd place. A 24 hour race is going to have ups and downs and we had a couple of mechanical issues that bit some time into our race but we kept going after it to the end. We felt sorry for the solo people since during the middle of the first day it was really really hot. That zapped the life out of many of the solo riders.

Lost Tierra Torture Regional Mountain Bike Championship

Glorieta, NM • Jun 3 2017
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 1h 59m 19s, 3/7, Cat 2 Men 50-59

Abq Century

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 9 2017
Carl Gable: 5h 33m 33s, Open

Ride went well for the first 80 miles. Stayed with the lead group of about 12 riders. A tandem did get away from the group at about 55 miles due to a red light. Stayed with the 'lead group' behind that tandem until apx. mile 80 where Tony B had tire failure issues. I stayed with Tony until we determined it could not be repaired and then I continued. About 5 miles later I missed a turn and rode the rest of the ride off course. Still finished with full milage, just wandering through Abq on my own route.

505 Cycling Classic

Cedar Crest, NM • Apr 1 2017
Carl Gable: 1 lap, 2h 24m, 28/41, Men Cat 5


Santa Fe, NM • Jun 19 2016
Carl Gable: 5 laps, 2h 08m, 14/21, Mens Open Cat 5

Santa Fe Big Friggen Loop, New Mexico Endurance Series

Santa Fe, NM • Jun 25 2016
Carl Gable: 1 lap, 11h 29m, 5/7, Open

Glory Days NM State Mountain Bike Championship

Glorieta, NM • Jun 11 2016
Carl Gable: 3 laps, 1h 29m 19s, 3/6, Cat 2 Men 50-59

Gunnison Growler Marathon Mountain Bike Race

Gunnison, CO • May 27 2012
Carl Gable: 8h 34m 58s, 9/14, Men 50-59

Santa Fe Century Gran Fondo

Santa Fe, NM • May 22 2016
Carl Gable: 1 lap, 5h 07m 49s, 13/32, M 50-59

19.49 MPH, 44/117 Male Overall, Solid mid-pack in a strong field and feeling like I'm back from injury. Onward and upward.

La Tierra Torture Mountain Bike Race

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 30 2016
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 1h 25m 56s, 3/14, Cat 2 Men 50-59

El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 18 2015
Carl Gable: 7h 01m 02s, 8/18, 50+ Men

Sedona AZ Big Friggen Loop

Sedona, AZ • Mar 21 2015
Carl Gable: 7h 30m, 23/55, Open

ABQ Mixed Media Big Friggin Loop 55 mile

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 14 - Apr 14 2015
Carl Gable: 4m 57s, 2/20, Open

2nd place was a three way tie between Carl Gable, Jason Cobb and Johnny Bargeron.

Single Track 6 Stage 1

Salmon Arm BC Canada • Jul 26 2015
Carl Gable: 4h 49m 51s, 26/30, M 50+

Overall 131/143
Course Info
Total Distance 39.5 km Total Climb 1400 m
Timed Descent
Distance 3.7 km Drop 370 m
0:16:14.6 +8:04.7 203/226

Single Track 6 Day 2

Silverstar Bike Park BC Canada • Jul 27 2015
Carl Gable: 3h 12m 37s, 14/30, M 50+

Course Info
Total Distance 39.8 km Total Climb 1,200 m
Timed Descent Distance 23 km Drop 200 m
Timed Descent 0:07:54.3 +1:58.8 141/222 Open Male

La Tierra Torture Mountain Bike Race

Santa Fe, NM • May 2 2015
Carl Gable: 1h 34m 02s, 3/22, Cat 2 Men 50-59

Eco-Challenge New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand • Oct 21 2001
Carl Gable, Barry Siff, Liz Caldwell, and Todd Holmes: 7d 12h, 31st place

Colorado Outward Bound Relay 170 Miles

CO • Sep 14 2001
Barb Dutrow, Carl Gable, Joel Krypel, and Dave Dixon: 26m 40s, 3rd place

Pikes Peak Marathon

Manitou Springs, CO • Aug 19 2001
Carl Gable: 5h 57m 29s, 28/114

Three Peaks Trail Run

Santa Fe, NM • Aug 5 2001
Carl Gable: 4h 54m 13s, 8th place, Male

Latir Peak Trail Run

Latir Peak, NV • Jul 22 2001
Carl Gable: 2nd place, Overall
Carl Gable: 1st place, Masters

Boston Marathon

Boston, MA • Apr 17 2000

Taos Gran Fondo

Taos, NM • Jul 6 2013
Carl Gable: 5h 50m 11s, 18/47, open

Breck 100

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 1 2012
Carl Gable: 13h 46m 46s, 13/15, Men 50-59

Breck 68

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 14 2013
Carl Gable: 5h 53m 28s, Male 50+

DNF: Cut out of the race and finished 50 of 68 miles. Due to rain, lightning, mud, cold, I decided to quit the race rather than slog it out.

The Original Growlder

Gunnison, CO • May 24 2015
Carl Gable: 2 laps, 8h 23m 30s, 9/16, M 50-59

Vail Ultra 100 Mile Mountain Bike

Vail, CO • Aug 19 2000
Carl Gable: 4th place, Age Group

Expedição Mata Atlântica

Brazil • Oct 19 2000
Carl Gable, Slate Stern, and Daphne Young: DNF (Unranked, team incomplete), Adventure

Colorado Relay, 5X = 170 Mile Run

Idaho Springs, CO • Aug 15 2000
Slate Stern, K. Kern, T. Garrison, Carl Gable, and Barb Dutrow: 1d 4h 28m, 1st place, Five Person Team

New course record