Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing

Ries Robinson


Ries Robinson is an experienced equestrian show jumper and was a Silver medalist in the US Olympic Festival in 1985 and 1986.

His mountain biking is just as impressive. He competes in an average of 8-9 mountain biking races per year. He has completed the New York City marathon, Albuquerque marathon, as well as many others. In 1995 and 1997 he completed the Canadian Ironman.

Ries also competed in the Survival of Shawangunks in 1996, a self-supported adventure triathlon that included running and swimming multiple times. Competitors are required to run with goggles and swim with their shoes. Distances were 30 mile bike/ 4.5 mile run/ I mile swim/ 5.5 mile run/ .5 mile swim/ 8 mile run/ .5 mile swim/ .7 mile run to the finish.

He has also done Mount Taylor Quadrathlon 9 times and the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race 6 times.

Race Results

Enchanted Forest 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

McGaffy Lake, NM • Jul 22 2023
Ries Robinson and Jan Bear: 9 laps, 10h 37m 51s, 3/11, Male Pair Open

Ries and I had a good race despite the hot weather getting in a total of 9 laps, the fastest in 1:05 and the slowest in 1:16. Ries made me do the start lap with the Le Mans start.

Guts & Glory 16 Hour Adventure Race at Glorieta Camps

Glorieta, NM • Sep 4 2021
Team Santa Fe: 1 lap, 14h 55m 04s, 1/8, All Teams

Moab Epic Mountain Bike Orienteering

Moab, UT • Oct 15 2016
Ries Robinson: 4h 56m 02s, 10/48, Open Men

Team Santa Fe Alumni!!

Dawn till Dusk 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • May 14 2016
Clark Smith, Ries Robinson, Jen Robinson, and Jan Bear: 11 laps, 11h 57m 28s, 1/8, 4 Person Coed Team

Moab Epic Mountain Bike Adventure

Moab, UT • Oct 24 2015
Ries Robinson: 5h 25m 32s, 10/42, Men Open

Dawn Till Dusk Endurance Mountain Bike race

Gallup, NM • May 18 2013
Jan Bear and Ries Robinson: 10 laps, 11h 06m, 3rd place, Duo Master men

Eco-Challenge New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand • Oct 21 2001

Leadville Trail Mountain Bike 100 Miles

Leadville, CO • Aug 11 2001
Ries Robinson: 8h 44m 29s, 28th place, 30-39

Odyssey Megadose 2000

Natural Bridges, VA • May 1 2000
Ries Robinson, Jan Bear, Don Moden, and Cindy Gagnon: 3d 8h, DNF, 4-Person Mixed