Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing

Clark Smith


Clark is an avid cyclist who likes to compete in cross country mountain bike events, cyclocross, and triathlons. He is an aspiring physical therapist who loves health and exercise. When he is not riding or studying, he can be found exploring the outdoors rock climbing. He is from Los Alamos where first started riding. He has the amazing support of the Bears who introduced and reinforced the excellence of supporting local racing.

Race Results

12 Hours of Albuquerque MTB

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 24 2016
Clark Smith: 4 laps, 4h 20m 30s, 11/23, Duo Men

Dawn till Dusk 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • May 14 2016
Clark Smith, Ries Robinson, Jen Robinson, and Jan Bear: 11 laps, 11h 57m 28s, 1/8, 4 Person Coed Team

12 Hours of Albuquerque MTB

Tijeras, NM • Sep 26 2015
Clark Smith and Jan Bear: 8 laps, 8h 47m 45s, 10/22, Duo-Men

32 out of 132 overall. We left early to celebrate Jan's birthday!!

41st Annual Los Alamos Triathlon

Los Alamos, NM • Aug 15 2015
Clark Smith: 1h 12m 31s, 3/4, Men 25-29

XTERRA TRI the Torture

Glorieta , NM • Aug 8 2015
Clark Smith: 2m 33s, 1/3, Men 25-29

Valles Caldera PyroClassic Mountain Bike Race

Los Alamos, NM • Aug 2 2015
Clark Smith: 1 lap, 1h 31m, 2/5, Cat. 2 Men 19-29

Glory Days Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

Glorieta, NM • Jul 26 2015
Clark Smith: 3 laps, 1h 05m 57s, 1st place, Cat 2 Men 19-29

Firecracker 50 Marathon Mountain Bike Race

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 4 2015
Samantha Bear and Clark Smith: 2 laps, 5h 52m 13s, 52/76, Co-ed Relay