Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Dawn till Dusk AZ

Fountain Hill, AZ • Dec 12 2020

A fast 16.1 mile loop in the Arizona desert. There is about 800 feet of climbing each lap, the trails are wide and twisty but perfect for a endurance event.

Jan Bear: 11h 30m 42s, 1/12, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 11h 39m 09s, 3/9, Women 50+.

Hawke's Old Fashioned Series CX Peralta Race #1

Peralta, NM • Dec 6 2020

A race along the Rio Grande Bosque in Peralta, NM. Some fast dirt road sections, twisty singletrack, 3 sections with several logs to jump over and short runs, all on dirt with a little sand mixed in.

Jan Bear: 1h 33s, 3/8, Open


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Mountain Bike

12 Hours of Fury

Phoenix, AZ • Nov 21 2020 http://4peaksracing.racetecresul…

12 Hour Mountain bike race at McDowell Mountain Preserve outside of Phoenix. A fast flowy course without any technical terrain.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 10h 38m 44.3s, 3/11, CoEd Pairs

We were in second to fifth place all day long and ended up in third place. We decided not to go out for a final lap to finish with ten laps as it would not make a difference in the standings even though we were only down 3 minutes to second place after nine laps.

Mountain Bike

25 Hours in Frog Hollow

Virgin, UT • Nov 7 2020…

A fun 13 mile route with some tricky rock sections and fast twisty single track descents. But because of the weather this year the race was turned into a 12 hour race. So it ran from 10AM till 10PM with rain, snow, wind and cold!!

Kim Bear: 11h 46m, 2/4, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 12h 40m 18s, 3/10, Men 50+.



4CCX Pagosa #2

Pagosa Springs, CO • Oct 31 2020

A hilly course similar to the last race in Pagosa but in the opposite direction with some new twists.

Jan Bear: 40m, 2/9, Men 50+.
Kim Bear: 38m, 10/13, Open Women.

4CCX Cortez

Cortez, CO • Oct 24 2020

A great course at Parque de Vida in Cortez. A little bit of everything, BMX, arroyos, grass, pavement, sand, you name it they had it!

Kim Bear: 34m, 10/15, Open Women.

Started with a front flat!

Jan Bear: 40m, 3/12, Men 50+.

A tough race I was back and forth for 2nd place but slipped down on the last lap and ended up 3rd.


4CCX Dolores

Dolores, CO • Oct 17 2020

A fast flat fun CX course with lots of grass. As always the fun circle of death on the grass.

Jan Bear: 4/9, Men 50+
Kim Bear: 12/18, Open Women
Mountain Bike

Virtual Road Apple Rally

Farmington, NM • Oct 11 2020…

This event required that you ride the true Road Apple Rally race course over a two week period. Thus you were racing the 30 mile course without other competitors racing with you. Also there were fun riders out on the course that caused some issues. This year due to the lack of rain the course was very soft with more deep sand than I remember. Unfortunately the day I selected to ride the wind was howling and there seemed to be a headwind no matter which way the course turned!

Jan Bear: 2h 25m, 1st place, Men Cat 1, 60-69.

Working hard and keeping a good pace was really hard for me. I have done the race a few times but don't have the course memorized so I did have to slow down at junctions and make sure I was headed the right way. But everyday on a mountain bike is a great day!


4CCX Pagosa

Pagosa Springs, CO • Oct 10 2020

Shafer Property 4CCX, a hilly fun but very dry course.

Jan Bear: 57m, 1/4, Men 50+.
Kim Bear: 59m, 8/12, Open Women
Road Triathlon

JCC Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 3-4 2020

A socially distanced sprint triathlon held over two days with the only the swim being scheduled/monitored. Was very well done and lots of fun, you had to submit your gps file for your bike and run from the defined courses.

Jan Bear: 1h 15m 03s, 2/4, Men 65-69

Overall 11th of 63 racers.

Kim Bear: 1h 23m 15s, 1/3, Women 60-64

Overall 23rd of 63 racers.



Virtual La Tierra Torture

Santa Fe, NM • Sep 27 2020…

A virtual event with the following parameters, 3 hours of riding and 2700 feet of climbing then your total mileage is handicapped using a standard benchmark.

Jan Bear: 3h 02s, 2/5, Men 3 Hour

Actual mileage, 32.96 handicapped mileage, 39.22.

Kim Bear: 3h 02s, 2/4, Women 3 Hour

Actual mileage, 28.12 handicapped mileage, 37.39.



Virtual 6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Santa Fe, NM • Jul 27 2020…

A 6 hour mountain bike ride with the following criteria, 6 hours of riding in one ride, and 4000 feet of climbing.

Jan Bear: 6h, 2/14, Men 6 Hour

Total mileage 65.25, handicapped mileage 77.65.

Kim Bear: 6h, 2/7, Women 6 Hour

Total mileage 55.5, handicapped mileage 73.8.


Virtual Laramie Range Epic

Santa Fe, NM • Jul 25 2020

A virtual event because the actual event was cancelled.

Jan Bear: 5h 45m 01s, Men 60 +

The big 62 mile race.

Kim Bear: Women 60+

The big event, 62 miles.


Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain Bike Race

Tucson, AZ • Feb 15-16 2020…

21st annual race. It's been several years since Kim and i did this race so it was nice to return. I was asked to be part of an 5 person age group team and Kim was doing it solo.

Jan Bear: 1d 53m 15s, 1/11, 5 Person Coed, 250+

I did 4 of the 20 laps with and average time of 1 hour 11 minutes. Fastest lap was 1 hour 8 minutes and slowest 1 hour and 15 minutes. 2 laps at night and 2 during daylight.

Kim Bear: 1d 08m 08s, 5/15, Solo Women

9, 16 mile laps averaging about 1:45 per lap with some night rest due to battery issues. That's 144 miles!!

Trail Run

35th Annual Corrida de Los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 8 2020…

A trail run around the Marty Sanchez Golf Course in Santa Fe. Lots of rolling golf cart trails, for a total of 5 miles.

Jan Bear: 44m 34s, 3/8, Men 60-69

31st overall.

Kim Bear: 56m 35s, 4/5, Women 60-69

61st overall.

Road Run

Albuquerque Super Bowl 5K Run

Albuquerque, NM • Feb 2 2020…

A flat pavement run on Super Bowl Sunday!

Jan Bear: 26m 06.9s, 1/8, Men 60-64

36 of 231 overall.

Kim Bear: 30m 49.8s, 1/14, Female 60-64

74 of 231 overall.


Kim on course.
Fat Bike

Borealis Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO • Jan 25 2020 https://fatbikeworlds.itsyourrac…

A 27 mile fat bike race on groomed trails with about 450 feet of climbing every lap. The championship race was 5 laps of 5.75 miles each.

Jan Bear: 2h 29m 26s, 3/8, Men 50+
Kim Bear: 3h 11m 20s, 4/4, Women 50+
Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 19 2020

A very rough and strenuous mountain bike race in the Franklin Mountains just north of downtown El Paso.

Jan Bear: 4h 33m 59s, 1/5, 35 Mile, 60+

Had a difficult start, had to return to the van to fix bike after hitting a rock and bending my chainring in the first 1/2 mile. 8 of 81 overall in the 35 mile race!

Men's top 5!

Mission Albuquerque CX, NMCX Final

Albuquerque, NM • Jan 12 2020

A short twisty course in the south valley.

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+

3rd overall.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 60+

2nd overall

Women's Overall Podium, Kim 3rd.

Hay's Apple Orchard NMCX #10

Bosque Farms, NM • Jan 4 2020

Ditch banks and racing in the apple orchard with tight technical turns. Fast and fun with some slippery mud.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+