Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain Bike Race

Tucson, AZ • Feb 15-16 2020…

21st annual race. It's been several years since Kim and i did this race so it was nice to return. I was asked to be part of an 5 person age group team and Kim was doing it solo.

Kim Bear: 1d 08m 08s, 5/15, Solo Women

9, 16 mile laps averaging about 1:45 per lap with some night rest due to battery issues. That's 144 miles!!

Jan Bear: 1d 53m 15s, 1/11, 5 Person Coed, 250+

I did 4 of the 20 laps with and average time of 1 hour 11 minutes. Fastest lap was 1 hour 8 minutes and slowest 1 hour and 15 minutes. 2 laps at night and 2 during daylight.

Trail Run

35th Annual Corrida de Los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 8 2020…

A trail run around the Marty Sanchez Golf Course in Santa Fe. Lots of rolling golf cart trails, for a total of 5 miles.

Jan Bear: 44m 34s, 3/8, Men 60-69

31st overall.

Kim Bear: 56m 35s, 4/5, Women 60-69

61st overall.

Road Run

Albuquerque Super Bowl 5K Run

Albuquerque, NM • Feb 2 2020…

A flat pavement run on Super Bowl Sunday!

Jan Bear: 26m 06.9s, 1/8, Men 60-64

36 of 231 overall.

Kim Bear: 30m 49.8s, 1/14, Female 60-64

74 of 231 overall.


Kim on course.
Fat Bike

Borealis Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO • Jan 25 2020 https://fatbikeworlds.itsyourrac…

A 27 mile fat bike race on groomed trails with about 450 feet of climbing every lap. The championship race was 5 laps of 5.75 miles each.

Jan Bear: 2h 29m 26s, 3/8, Men 50+
Kim Bear: 3h 11m 20s, 4/4, Women 50+
Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 19 2020

A very rough and strenuous mountain bike race in the Franklin Mountains just north of downtown El Paso.

Jan Bear: 4h 33m 59s, 1/5, 35 Mile, 60+

Had a difficult start, had to return to the van to fix bike after hitting a rock and bending my chainring in the first 1/2 mile. 8 of 81 overall in the 35 mile race!

Men's top 5!

Mission Albuquerque CX, NMCX Final

Albuquerque, NM • Jan 12 2020

A short twisty course in the south valley.

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+

3rd overall.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 60+

2nd overall

Women's Overall Podium, Kim 3rd.

Hay's Apple Orchard NMCX #10

Bosque Farms, NM • Jan 4 2020

Ditch banks and racing in the apple orchard with tight technical turns. Fast and fun with some slippery mud.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+