Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Dawn Till Dusk AZ

Fountain Hills, AZ • Dec 11 2021

A fast wide open trail at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. It's fast and sandy in spots. The course is a 16+ mile loop with about 8 miles of climbing (900 feet) and then a long decent back to the start/finish area.

Jan Bear: 11h 42m 51.4s, 3/13, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 11h 38m 52.3s, 14/20, 4 Person CoEd Team

Kim did two laps, 1:15:18.32 and 1:17:19.43

Gravel Race

Dusty Roadrunner Quebradas Race

Socorro, NM • Dec 4 2021 https://dustyroadrunner.weebly.c…

A fun low key event. The curse was ouver rolling hills on gravel roads that were sandy, rocky and some even smooth. A fun event.

Jan Bear: 3h 04m 31s, 20/32, Long Course 41 miles
Kim Bear: 1h 50m 32s, 2/8, Short Course 21 miles



Roosevelt CX Race, NMCX

Tijeras, NM • Nov 28 2021…

A great course, lots of different surfaces, lots of accelerations with some challenging terrain and it was just plain fun.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+.

Fiesta CX NMCX

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 14 2021…

A big time sand race with lots of running. The course was very similar to past events at this location but since it's been so dry the sand was very soft and that made for a lot of running.

Jan Bear: 1/7, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+.

Durango Mesa 4CCX

Durango, CO • Nov 13 2021

An interesting course with lots of twists and turns, runs, and barriers. This is a new location for 4CCX and should be a good one for years to come.

Kim Bear: 9/10, Open Women
Jan Bear: 5/14, Men 50+

Cortez 4CCX

Cortez, CO • Nov 6 2021

A great course at Parque da Vida in downtown Cortez. This course has everything, sand, run ups, BMX, grass, tight twisty turns, asphalt and off camber arroyos.

Kim Bear: 5/7, Open women.
Jan Bear: 4/13, Men 50+.



Pumpkin Cyclocross Day #2 NMCX

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 31 2021

A all gravel affair at an equestrian park. Lot's of tight twisty turns, a long run up in deep sand and some fun singletrack.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Women's 60+
Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 2/4, Women's open
Trail Run

Tatonka 5K Trail Run

Glorieta, NM • Oct 23 2021…

A fun trail run in Glorieta supporting the Green Beret Foundation. Kevin and his family really appreciate the CORE Crew's help in putting on the race.

Jan Bear: 36m 19.9s, 2/5, Men 54+.
Kim Bear:

Kim was taking care of the grandchildren!

Mountain Bike

Zia Rides Wild West 40 Mile Race

Ruidoso, NM • Oct 16 2021…

A great 40 mile mountain bike race in Ruidoso. This event included the last 11 miles of the 12 hour race but the rest of the course was on really fun trails that I had never ridden in Ruidoso!

Jan Bear: 4h 02m 23s, 1/14, Men 50+.
Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games Mountain Bike Race

Virgin, UT • Oct 11 2021…

A fast fun course using primarily the Jem Trail. This is part of the trail we have raced on previously doing the 6 and 25 Hours of Frog Hollow.

Jan Bear: 1h 50m, 2/5, Expert Men 65-69

3rd fastest of all expert men.

Kim Bear: 2h 11m 43.4s, 1/1, Women 65-69
Road Triathlon

Huntsman Senior Games Triathlon

St. George, UT • Oct 9 2021…

A fun road triathlon starting with a open water swim in a man made lagoon. A great course in a new spot in St. George.

Jan Bear: 1h 10m 25s, 1/7, Men 65-69
Kim Bear: 1h 18m 58.3s, 1st place, Women 65-69
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games Cycling Road Race

St. George, UT • Oct 8 2021…

A road race in the rain. Terrible conditions, cold and wet for the whole race!!

Kim Bear: 1h 27m 16.8s, 1/1, Expert Women 65-69
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games Road Bike Time Trail

Ivins, UT • Oct 6 2021…

A short time trial on an undulating course that ended up at Gunlock Reservoir. Total length about 8 miles.

Kim Bear: 27m 08s, 1/1, Expert Women 65-69
Jan Bear: 24m 20.9s, 6/10, Experienced Men 65-69
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games Road Bike Hill Climb

St. George, UT • Oct 5 2021…

A fast short hill climb in Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon is a beautiful State Park just outside of St. George. 5K in length with about 900 feet of elevation gain.

Jan Bear: 16m 11.3s, 4/8, Experienced Men 65-69
Kim Bear: 20m 30.3s, 1/1, Expert Women 65-69
Mountain Bike

6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Santa Fe, NM • Oct 2 2021…

A fast fun flowy 9 mile mountain bike loop in the Galisteo Basin. This is a 6 hour race where you do as many laps as possible in 6 hours or less. Both Kim and I were on different teams. Kim was part of the "Racing Volunteers" and I was on the "Racing Officials" team. We both won 1st place in our respective divisions; open women's team and open men's teams.

Jan Bear: 5h 34m 17s, 1/3, Open Male Team

My two laps were 44:58 and 47:35(For the second lap I was not ready to go out when Tom came in!!) How embarrassing!! So a delay while I ran and grabbed my bike, put on my helmet and gloves. Team members, Tom E, Mike M, Clark B. and myself.

Kim Bear: 5h 51m 08s, 1/1, Open Female Team

My lap was 53:16:09. Team Members, Sue M, Sam B, JJ W. and Kim.


Multi-sport Race

Samson Challenge

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 26 2021…

This is a new event for us. It involves 10 different disciplines done as fast as possible, similar to crossfit. The events were; rowing machine, tire flips, spartan pull, sandbag run, sled pull, yoke carry, agility matrix, overhead lunges, run, medicine ball toss and water wade with weight.

Kim Bear: 18h 26m 14s, 2/8, Master 50+ women.
Jan Bear: 15h 33m 28s, 1/1, Rockstar 65+ men.
Mountain Bike

Albuquerque Dirt Fiesta 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 18 2021…

A 12 hour mountain bike race on a course with fast flowy sections, chunky rock sections, short steep ups and more. This has become THE annual mountain bike race in Albuquerque.

Kim Bear: 8h 34m 07s, 1/2, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 9h 20m 56s, 1/8, Men 60+.
Road Bike

Spokettes Women's Time Trial

Algodones, NM • Sep 12 2021…

The annual Spokettes Women's Time Trial, this year on a newly paved section of frontage road between Algodones and Bernalillo. A great 10+ mile segment.

Kim Bear: 28m 17.9s, 2/2, Women 60-69
Adventure Race

Guts & Glory 16 Hour Adventure Race at Glorieta Camps

Glorieta, NM • Sep 4 2021

A mountain bike heavy adventure race at Glorieta Camps. Got to ride trails I have never been on and bushwhack some really rugged dense forest segments. Fun on the water with a repel, pyramid climb and rope drop. Also a repel off a 5 story building and zip drop. Great to be racing with Ries and Todd and Kim as support. We finished in 1st Place overall, we were unable to reach the last 2 CP's but got the first 20!

Team Santa Fe: 14h 55m 04s, 1/8, All Teams


Mountain Bike

The "Torture" at Glorieta Camps Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

Glorieta, NM • Aug 28 2021…

A tough cross country mountain bike race, 23.5 miles and 2400 feet of climbing on some of the best trails Glorieta Camps has to offer.

Kim Bear: 3h 20m 24s, 5/5, Cat 1 women
Mountain Bike

Breck Epic Day 3

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 17 2021…

Day 3 is the big day with crossing the continental divide twice, first at French Pass then at Georgia Pass. A 41 mile day with about 7000 feet of climbing. On the descent from Georgia Pass is some of the chunkiest riding of the race.

Kim Bear: 7h 06m 13s, 9/12, Open Women, 3 Day.

Notice how there are still 12 women in the category, looks like the women are a bit tougher!!

Jan Bear: 5h 28m 12s, 5/10, Men 50+, 3 Day

Notice how there are fewer and fewer racers in the category each day!!

Mountain Bike

Breck Epic Day 2

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 16 2021…

Day 2 is fun on the Colorado Trail. Again about 5K of climbing covering 40 miles of rough backcountry terrain.

Jan Bear: 5h 17m 45s, 7/14, Men 50+, 3 Day.
Kim Bear: 6h 38m 09s, 9/12, Open Women, 3 Day.
Mountain Bike

Breck Epic Day 1

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 15 2021…

Day 1 is a 38 mile ride from the Ice Hockey Arena start to Carter Park finish with about 5000 feet of tough climbing and singletrack. A tough start for a six day race, fortunately this year we were only doing three days.

Kim Bear: 5h 24m 31s, 8/12, Open Women, 3 Day.
Jan Bear: 4h 28m 09s, 6/16, Men 50+, 3 Day.


Mountain Bike

Telluride 50 Mountain Bike Race

Telluride, CO • Jul 31 2021…

A hard 50 mile mountain bike race at 875o feet elevation with climbs that top out at 11,182 feet. It rained the night before the race there was a fair amount of mud and slick roots.

Kim Bear: 6h 42m 36s, 5/7, Women 40+.
Jan Bear: 5h 18m 20s, 7/21, Men 50+.
Mountain Bike

El Doce at Powder Mountain

Eden, UT • Jul 17 2021…

A 12 hour mountain bike race at Powder Mountain Ski Resort in UT. It was a very hot day, mid day the temperature was 93 degrees at an altitude of 8900 feet. No cloud cover so baking at altitude!

Jan Bear: 10h 33m 25s, 1/12, Men 50+

Broken left pedal on lap three so had to deal with that the rest of the race. All my tools bounced out of my top tube bag after I forgot to latch it after stopping to take a anti-cramp pill. Due to the heat I had some wicked thigh adductor cramps so I decided to stop after 7 laps and risk my place but it worked out in the end.

Kim Bear: 11h 37m 38s, 1/1, Solo women
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships

Winter Park, CO • Jul 7 2021…

The mountain bike national championships sanctioned by USA Cycling. This was the same course as 2 years ago, 5.1 miles in length and 700 feet of climbing each lap. The course was primarily uphill for the first 1.8 miles with 500 feet of climbing, then downhill for 1.5 miles and then up and down back to the start finish over 1.8 miles.

Jan Bear: 1h 36m 56s, 8/17, Men 65+
Kim Bear: 1h 13m 02s, 2/4, Women 65+
Mountain Bike

Firecracker 50 Mountain Bike Race

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 4 2021…

A classic high mountain race in Breckenridge. Kim and I were on different CoEd teams, I was paired with my daughter Sam and Kim was paired withs Sam's husband Clark. Each person did a 25 mile lap with 3200 feet of climbing.

Kim Bear: 3h 40m 38s, 30/50, CoEd Open

Clark's time was 2:33:42. Total time 6:14:19

Jan Bear: 2h 43m 32s, 40/50, CoEd Open

Sam's time was 3:40:39. Total time 6:24:10.


Gravel Race

La Mosca Bicicleta

Grants, NM • Jun 26 2021…

A gravel race that begins and ends in Grants, NM. It is a 60 mile loop that heads west out of town then north and finally back east until you are north of Mt. Taylor. Then the gravel section is back to Grants over the west shoulder of Mt Taylor. Tom E. talked me into this as I am not a gravel rider.

Jan Bear: 4h 23m 06s, Open

Ride time 4:02:57.

Fast and Fun!
Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Jun 12-13 2021…

A 24 hour endurance mountain bike race near Gallup, NM. The actual location is McCaffey Campground. The course is fast and flowy in sections and rough and rocky in others. It is a pretty fast loop for 13 miles, with the fastest racers going under an hour. Kim and I were in the Co-Ed Duo Category.

Kim Bear: 12h 38m 26s, 2/8, Co-Ed Duo

8 Laps!

Jan Bear: 10h 56m 05s, 2/8, Co-Ed Duo

9 Laps!
Kim and I did 17 laps together in 23:34:32, missing 1st Place by 18 minutes. We should have a little faster by being better prepared for our nighttime exchanges. Based on apperance we were certainly the oldest team.


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 30 2021

A good variety of terrain in the Horse Gulch area. Fun fast twisty trails, short climbs, and a few technical areas and a couple fast rocks descents.

Jan Bear: 1h 27m 26.6s, 1/2, Men 65+

2nd place in the 55-65+ larger group.

Kim Bear: 1h 56m 32.3s, 2/5, Women 55-64
Mountain Bike

Royal Gorge 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Canon City, CO • May 15 2021…

A tough 12 hour mountain bike race on a 10 mile course with about 1100 feet of elevation gain per lap. Fairly rocky with some steep downs and long steady climbs.

Jan Bear: 10h 50m 43.2s, 1/7, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 9h 17m 40.4s, 1/2, Women 60+.



Mountain Bike

Bosque MTB

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 21 2021

A flat twisty course in the Albuquerque, Rio Grande Bosque area. Fast and fun with the typical Hawke Races challenges.

Jan Bear: 1h 34m 04s, 6/11, Open Men
Ready for Enduro Stage #3.
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Day 3 Enduro

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 14 2021

A 3 day event. Time trial on Friday, XC Marathon on Saturday and Enduro on Sunday. There is a combination of trail types, rocks, smooth and wide, short steep ups and lots of twists and turns. There were three individual events and then a combination of all the events for the ultimate winning the Cactus Cup Winners Jersey!

Jan Bear: 13m 23.8s, 1/9, Men 60-69

My time 13:23.79, 2nd Place time 13:23.87! WOW that was close!!! I barely snuck out a win!

Kim Bear: 15m 11.7s, 1/1, Women 60+.
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Day 2 Marathon Cross Country Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 13 2021

A 3 day event. Time trial on Friday, XC Marathon on Saturday and Enduro on Sunday. There is a combination of trail types, rocks, smooth and wide, short steep ups and lots of twists and turns. There were three individual events and then a combination of all the events for the ultimate winning the Cactus Cup Winners Jersey!

Jan Bear: 3h 19m 13.2s, 3/14, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 4h 09m 21s, 3/3, Women 60+.
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Overall

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 12-14 2021

A 3 day event. Time trial on Friday, XC Marathon on Saturday and Enduro on Sunday. There is a combination of trail types, rocks, smooth and wide, short steep ups and lots of twists and turns. There were three individual events and then a combination of all the events for the ultimate winning the Cactus Cup Winners Jersey!

Jan Bear: 3h 58m 29.2s, 2/11, Men 60-69

The finish was a solid 2nd overall but well back of the 1st place finisher.

Kim Bear: 4h 55m 13.2s, 1/1, Women 60+.
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Day 1 Time Trial

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 12 2021

A 3 day event. Time trial on Friday, XC Marathon on Saturday and Enduro on Sunday. There is a combination of trail types, rocks, smooth and wide, short steep ups and lots of twists and turns. There were three individual events and then a combination of all the events for the ultimate winning the Cactus Cup Winners Jersey!

Kim Bear: 30m 40.5s, 1/2, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 25m 52.3s, 2/12, Men 60-69


Jan racing
Mountain Bike

Bent Wheel Bash

Abilene, TX • Feb 28 2021…

A fast fun twisty and rocky in places mountain bike loop. The race was to be 2, 10 mile laps but was changed do to rain and muddy trail conditions race morning with a delayed start. So we ended up with 4, 4 mile loops.

Kim Bear: 1h 40m, 1/2, Open women 60+.
Jan Bear: 1h 18m 20s, 3/11, Open men 60-69.



Luchetti Winter Gravel Race

Albuquerque, NM • Jan 24 2021…

Ditch bank gravel roads and trails, a few gates to step over and even a little pavement. About 4.5 miles per lap.

Jan Bear: 9/12, Open Men
Kim Bear: 2/3, Open Women

Hawke's Old Fashioned Series CX Peralta Race #2

Peralta, NM • Jan 10 2021…

This race was reverse of the first Peratlta race about a month ago with some different twists and challenges!

Jan Bear: 1h 02m 30s, 8/12, Open Men
Kim Bear: 1h 08m 30s, 3/5, Open Women