Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Kim on course!
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Marathon National Championships

Palo Duro Canyon, TX • May 11 2019

Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships, a wet and in places muddy course that was fun but challenging.

Kim Bear: 4h 56m 53s, 2/3, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 4h 05m 13s, 5/11, Men 60-65
Mountain Bike

Alien Run MTB, NMORS #3

Aztec, NM • May 4 2019

A fun race on the Alien Trail just outside on Aztec, NM. One of New Mexico's be mountain bike trails. Rock, Sand, ball bearings(rounded rocks) and fast twisty descents.

Jan Bear: 2h 27m 13s, 2/2, Cat 1 men 60+.
Kim Bear: 3h 02m 04s, 1/1, Cat 1 women 60+.


Kim's podium.
Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture MTB, NMORS #2

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 27 2019

The 14th annual La Tierra Torture mountain bike race put on by the CORE Crew. The race is on the La Tierra Trails in the NW Quadrant of Santa Fe. Fast fun flowy trails and great weather!

Carl Gable:


Jan Bear: 2h 03m 06s, 1/4, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 2h 48m 01s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Road Bike

505 Cycling Classic ITT

Albuquerque , NM • Apr 6 2019

A 20K ITT, very flat course.

Jan Bear: 32m 34s, 23/23, Men 45+ Cat 3/4/5

Slowest but oldest.


Mountain Bike

Roosevelt Middle School MTB, NMORS #1

Tijeras, NM • Mar 30 2019…

A fun, fast punchy 2 mile course around Roosevelt Middle School. Dirt single track, pavement, twisty turns and high speed. A mountain bike race with a cyclocross format. The Women's race was 70 minutes and the Men's 90 minutes.

Kim Bear: 1h 10m, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Jan Bear: 1h 30m, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Road Triathlon

Oro Valley Sprint Triathlon

Tucson, AZ • Mar 23 2019…

A fun sprint triathlon in warmer climate! The race temp was in the 50's but it warmed up to 70 degrees for our afternoon hike.

Jan Bear: 1h 18m 09s, 2/7, Men 60-64.

28th of 111 men overall.

Kim Bear: 1h 23m 43s, 1/10, Women 60-64.

17th of 90 women overall!

Jan on the podium.
Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10

Silver City, NM • Mar 9 2019

A 10 hour mountain bike endurance race. The course was a little different this year with more single track and was 12.3 miles per lap.

Kim Bear: 9h 12m 10s, 1/3, Women 60+.

Total of 86.1 miles.

Jan Bear: 8h 34m 15s, 1/12, Men 60+.

Total of 98.4 miles.

Kim during the run.
Off Road Triathlon

Moab Off Road Triathlon

Moab, UT • Mar 1-2 2019

A 1000 meter pool swim at the Moab Aquatic Center, followed the next morning by a 4.7 mile trail run at North Klondike Bluff Trails and then a 8.2 mile mountain bike segment in the same general location on different trails. Between the trail run and mountain bike there was 1500 foot elevation change.

Kim Bear: 2h 17m 21s, 1/4, Overall Women

1K Swim: 17:42, 4.6 mile Trail Run: 47:19, Mountain Bike: 1:10:05 3rd place of 21 women in the duathlon category and 1st in the 60+ age group.

Jan Bear: 1h 57m 11s, 3/8, Overall Men

1K Swim: 22:14, 4.6 Mile Trail Run: 36:28, Mountain Bike: 56:06. 7th place of 40 men in the duathlon category and 1st in the 60+ age group.


Fat Bike

DUST2 Fat Bike Fun Race

Pagosa Springs, CO • Feb 10 2019…

A fun Fat Bike race near Wolf Creek, Lots of climbing for such a short course, 1700 feet in 11 miles.

Kim Bear: 2h 05m, 2/4, Open Women
Jan Bear: 1h 28m, 4/25, Open Men
Trail Run

34th Annual Corrida de Los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 2 2019

A fun but tough 5.4 mile trail run beginning and ending at the Marty Sanchez Golf Course on Santa Fe's west side.

Kim Bear: 58m 45s, 1/1, Women 60-69.

70th out of 82 total racers.

Jan Bear: 48m 23s, 3/6, Men 60-69.

37th of 82 total racers.


Fat Bike

Borealis FatBike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO • Jan 26 2019

A long tough fat bike course. It got very windy causing lots of snow drifts making the riding tough.

Kim Bear: 4h 14m 09s, 2/5, Women's 50+.

2nd Place Women's 50+, 14th of 28 all women.

Jan Bear: 3h 15m 08s, 7/24, Men 50+.

First men's finisher over 60. 45th out of 93 total men.

Kim on the Podium.
Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler 35 Mile

El Paso, TX • Jan 20 2019…

A tough rocky long mountain bike race.

Jan Bear: 4h 13m 52s, 4/41, Men 40+

6th overall of 75 in the 35 mile race group.

Kim Bear: 5h 18m 22s, 2/4, Women 40+

39th of 75 overall in the 35 mile race.