Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Grinding out the laps.
Mountain Bike

Dawn till Dusk AZ

Fountain Hills, AZ • Dec 14 2019

A fast fun 12 hour mountain bike race on a 16 mile course. The amount of climbing slowly creeps up on you!

Kim Bear: 11h 46m 41s, 1/3, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 11h 26m, 2/8, Men 60+
5th Place!

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship

Lakewood, WA • Dec 11 2019

Cyclocross Nationals! Wet conditions, tough course and very tough competition.

Jan Bear: 44m 48s, 5/23, Men 65-69
At the start!

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship

Lakewood, WA • Dec 10 2019

Cyclocross Nationals! Wet conditions, tough course and very tough competition.

Kim Bear: 40m 47s, 15/21, Women 60-64

4CCX Ft. Lewis College

Durango , CO • Dec 1 2019

A very snowy course at Ft. Lewis College campus.

Jan Bear: 4/6, Men 55+.
Kim Bear: 8/8, Women Open



Prestige Cyclocross, NMCX #9

Albuquerque , NM • Nov 30 2019

A cold windy day in the snow. The course was shortened due to the weather and the course conditions.

Jan Bear: 1/5, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+.

Swervy Kurvy Windy CX By Squadra Della Pista, NMCX #8

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 17 2019

Today's race was reverse from yesterday's race! Fast and some tough turns in the horse arena.

Jan Bear: 1/8, Men 60+.
1st lap, trying to get away!

Swervy Kurvy Windy CX By Squadra Della Pista, NMCX #7

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 16 2019

A new venue in NE Albuquerque. No grass but lots of sand and gravel.

Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+.
Jan on course.

Balloon Fiesta Cross, NMCX #6

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 10 2019

A fast but fun dirt and sand crit with a couple challenging off camber sandy sections.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 1/6, Men 60+

4CCX Dolores

Dolores, CO • Nov 2 2019

A fun course that is set up in the city park. A little of everything, grass, gravel, stairs, run up, off chamber, etc.

Jan Bear: 2/6, Men 55+



Swervy Kurvy Windy CX by Squadra Della Pista, NMCX #4

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 26 2019

A sandy course with lots of hills. A short bit of pavement and single-track. Fast but hard with 700 feet of climbing during the 45 minute race.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 60+
Jan Bear: 1/7, Men 60+
Trail Run

Tatonka 5K Run

Glorieta, NM • Oct 20 2019…

A fundraiser for the Green Beret Foundation on the green trail at Glorieta Camps. This year in a counterclockwise direction. 350 of elevation gain and loss.

Kim Bear: 1h 06m 25.2s, 2/2, Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 31m 37.9s, 1/5, Men 60-69
Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Mountain Bike X-Country

St.George, UT • Oct 15 2019

A 6.2 mile course with two steep climbs for a total of about 850 feet per lap. Primarily old double track rough roads with rocky and gravel descents. Slow climbs and lightning fast downs.

Kim Bear: 37m 53.3s, 1/6, Expert women 60-64

1st overall in expert women’s class.

Jan Bear: 36m 32.7s, 3/7, Expert men 60-64

3/13 men doing the 3 lap race.

Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Mountain Bike Hill Climb

St. George, NM • Oct 14 2019

A 2.1 mile mountain bike climb with about 800 feet of climbing.

Kim Bear: 18m 35.4s, 1/5, Women Expert

1/6 overall.

Jan Bear: 15m 01s, 3/9, Men Expert

3/17 overall.

Mountain Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Mountain Bike Downhill

St. George, UT • Oct 14 2019

A short downhill mountain bike.

Kim Bear: 7m 39.2s, 1/1, Women Expert 60-64

2nd place overall in women’s expert category. 2/6 overall.

Jan Bear: 6m 43.8s, 5/9, Men Expert 60-64

6/17 overall.

Road Triathlon

Huntsman Senior Games, Triathlon

St. George, UT • Oct 12 2019

450M pool swim followed by a relatively flat 20K road bike then a 5K run with the first half up and the return to the finish gently downhill.

Kim Bear: 1h 14m 20.1s, 1/11, Women 60-64

2nd place overall out of 41 female racers.

Jan Bear: 1h 09m 43.1s, 3/12, Men 60-64

8th of 59 racers overall. 4th fastest bike.

Swimming, Pool

Huntsman Senior Games, Swimming

St. George, UT • Oct 10-11 2019

All events were held at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center.

Kim Bear: 25m 53.1s, 3/6, 1500 Free, Women 60-64
Kim Bear: 13m 38.4s, 3/6, 800 Free, Women 60-64
Kim Bear: 3m 14.1s, 5/9, 200 Free, Women 60-64
Kim Bear: 37.7s, 4/13, 50 Free, Women 60-64
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, 20K Individual Time Trial

St. George, UT • Oct 9 2019

Out and back 20K time trial on a rolling course.

Kim Bear: 31m 39.9s, 1/11, Women Division 2
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, 40K Individual Time Trial

St. George, UT • Oct 9 2019

Out and back 40K time trial on a mildly hilly course.

Jan Bear: 55m 43.3s, 10/17, Men Division 2
Road Bike

Huntsman Senior Games, Road Cycling Hill Climb

St. George, UT • Oct 8 2019

3+ mile road bike climb with 1000 feet of climbing.

Jan Bear: 16m 48.3s, 8/40, Men Division 2
Kim Bear: 18m 42.9s, 1/8, Women Division 2

Glorieta Cyclocross Bonanza Day 2, Race 1, NMCX #2

Glorieta , NM • Oct 6 2019…

A little change in parts of the course from yesterday’s race. Still 2 miles in length.

Jan Bear: DNF (Broke two bikes!), Cat 1 men 60+
Kim Bear: 1/3, Cat 1 women 60+

Glorieta Cyclocross Bonanza Day 2, Race 2, NMCX #2

Glorieta , NM • Oct 6 2019

Course was again very similar to the race yesterday with some changes in direction.

Jan Bear: 1h 07m 58.4s, 1/5, Men’s Open

Glorieta Cyclocross Bonanza Day 1, Race 1. NMCX #1

Glorieta , NM • Oct 5 2019…

A fun course with lots of different surfaces, sharp turns, slow downs and repeat accelerations. The course was 2 miles in length.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 women 60+


Kim finishing strong!
Mountain Bike

Horny Toad Hustle, NMORS #8

Las Cruces, NM • Sep 29 2019…

A long, hot desert race with some techy sections. Great promoter and organization!!

Kim Bear: 4h 01m 52s, 1/1, Women Cat. 1, 60+.
Jan Bear: 3h 22m 43s, 1/1, Men Cat. 1, 60+.
Podium with Kevin.
Road Triathlon

Patriot Sprint Triathlon

Rio Rancho, NM • Sep 14 2019…

The Annual Rio Ranch Sprint Tri based at the Rio Rancho Aquatic Center. A fun but tough sprint Triathlon.

Jan Bear: 1h 06m 59s, 1/5, Team

I did this event with my son in law, Kevin who did the hard part, the swim and the run. Our split times were; swim - 6:67, bike - 36:16 and run 23:01.

Kim Bear: 1h 19m 57s, 1/3, Women 60-64
Mountain Bike

Glorieta Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #7

Glorieta, NM • Sep 8 2019…

A fun 5.5 mile loop with various surfaces, short climbs, technical sections and fast downhill sections.

Jan Bear: 2h 03m, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 1h 53m, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+


Mountain Bike Stage Race

Breck Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race

Breckenridge, CO • Aug 11-16 2019

A 6 day mountain bike stage race in the mountains around Breckenridge, CO. Kim and I last did this event back in 2010 and in the last 9 years we forgot how hard it was and still is! The race covers 211.5 miles and 34,805 feet of climbing, the majority of the race is on singletrack trails. The race has also grown significantly and is now a UCI sanctioned stage race so lots of top named domestic racers are there to earn UCI points and for the big cash prizes.

Kim Bear: 1d 8h 09m 46s, 3/9, Women 50+

Note that this is in the 50+ womens category, I won't mention Kim's age!!

Jan Bear: 1d 5h 10m 08s, 6/15, Men 60+

I took a hard fall on my L hip day 2, the one I broke in 2007 and never really recovered despite finishing the race.

Mountain Bike

South Boundary Big Ride

Angel Fire, NM • Aug 3 2019

A point to point 40 mile mountain bike race from Angel Fire to Taos with 4000 feet of climbing. Lots of tough climbing and some moderately technical descents.

Jan Bear: 3h 55m 39s, 1/4, Men 60+

Fastest time in the men's 50+ & 60+ categories.

Kim Bear: 4h 44m 34s, 1/2, Women 60+


Jan's Podium
Mountain Bike

Laramie Range Epic

Laramie, WY • Jul 27 2019…

A long 31 mile loop with a little bit of everything, short steep ups and downs, rock, jeep track, gravel road, forest, meadow, water crossings, etc.

Kim Bear: 3h 47m 31s, 1/3, Women 60+, one lap
Jan Bear: 3h 04m 05s, 1/5, Men 60+, one lap
Kim's Podium
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships

Winter Park, CO • Jul 25 2019…

A short 5 mile course with a long 2 mile climb, 1 1/2 mile descent and 1 1/2 mile flattish single track, not technical at all.

Jan Bear: 1h 36m 33s, 15/25, Men 60-64
Kim Bear: 1h 15m 24s, 4/7, Women 60-64
Road Triathlon

Los Alamos Triathlon

Los Alamos, NM • Jul 20 2019…

This was the 45th annual Los Alamos Triathlon. The bike is a tough hilly 12.4 mile course, a long course pool swim followed by running on the streets of Los Alamos at 7500 feet.

Jan Bear: 1h 17m 52s, 3/8, Men 60-64
Kim Bear: 1h 26m 38s, 1/3, Women 60-64
Mountain Bike

6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Galisteo, NM • Jul 14 2019…

A fast flowy 9.3 mile loop with a little bit of everything to keep you focused. The Galisteo Basin is private and this race was to support the trail network!

Kim Bear: 5h 56m 04s, 5/12, Open Teams

Raced with JJ Williams and Sue McKelvey. The team did a total of 6 laps. My two laps were 52 and 53 minutes!

Jan Bear: 5h 42m 06s, 1/12, Open Teams

Raced with Tom Egelhoff and Brent Bonwell. Seven laps between the three of us. I did three laps, the last one was hot and hard. My lap times were 45:17, 46:20 and 47:59.

Mountain Bike

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race

Leadville, CO • Jul 7 2019…

A hard 50 miler at altitude with about 8K feet of climbing. Not the most fun race with mostly rough double track and two way traffic. A great training ride!

Kim Bear: 6h 55m 28s, 3/3, Women 60-69
Jan Bear: 5h 02m 05s, 5/24, Men 60-69

15 minutes off the winning pace.


On Course
Road Bike

GFNY/Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM • Jun 23 2019…

The first annual GFNY/Santa Fe. A rolling ride in the Santa Fe area, starting on the plaza and finishing at Ft. Marcy.

Kim Bear: 3m 44.5s, 1/4, Women 60-64

31st of 106 overall in the medio fondo race.

Up the boat ramp!
Road Triathlon

National Senior Olympics Sprint Triathlon

Cochiti, NM • Jun 22 2019…

Open water swim at Cochiti Lake followed by a steep run up the boat ramp to transition, then a 20K road bike with 3 big hills followed by a road run in the campground that was anything but flat!!

Jan Bear: 1h 17m 19.3s, 3/24, Men 60-64

16th overall out of 202 racers. The overall winner was in the men's 60-64(my) age group.

Kim Bear: 7m 45s, 3/5, Co-Ed Team

Kim's team had Kim doing the swim, Tom Egelhoff doing the bike in 34:14 and Bernd Leinauer doing the run in 22:30 for a 1st Place time of 1:09:26.3. This was the fastest time of any team, CoEd, all male or all female in all age groups!!

Off Road Triathlon

USA Triathlon Off Road National Championship

Waco, TX • Jun 8 2019…

A great event. Due to flooding on the Brazos River the event was converted to a off road duathlon. 2K Trail run, 30K mountain bike and finally a 10K trail run. It was hot and humid!! The trails were fun for both the run and the bike.

Kim Bear: 4h 03m 25s, 2/3, Women 60-64
Jan Bear: 3h 10m 58s, 2/5, Men 60-64
Road Triathlon

Ozark Valley Triathlon

Fayetteville , AK • Jun 2 2019

A fun road triathlon at Lake Wedington just outside of Fayetteville, AR. This was the 17th annual race. 1000M swim, 19 mile bike and 4 mile run for the triathlon and 1000M swim and 19 mile bike for the aquabike.

Kim Bear: 1h 17m 47s, 1/4, Aquabike
Jan Bear: 1h 52m 37s, 1/5, Men 60-64, Senior Master


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 26 2019…

The annual Iron Horse Mountain Bike race with a couple of tough climbs and moderately technical descents. Then the highlight for the fans is the ride thru Steamworks!

Kim Bear: 40m 27s, 1/5, Women 55+.
Jan Bear: 1h 07m 54s, 2/32, Men 55+
Kim on course!
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Marathon National Championships

Palo Duro Canyon, TX • May 11 2019…

Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships, a wet and in places muddy course that was fun but challenging.

Jan Bear: 4h 05m 13s, 5/11, Men 60-65
Kim Bear: 4h 56m 53s, 2/3, Women 60+
Mountain Bike

Alien Run MTB, NMORS #3

Aztec, NM • May 4 2019

A fun race on the Alien Trail just outside on Aztec, NM. One of New Mexico's be mountain bike trails. Rock, Sand, ball bearings(rounded rocks) and fast twisty descents.

Kim Bear: 3h 02m 04s, 1/1, Cat 1 women 60+.
Jan Bear: 2h 27m 13s, 2/2, Cat 1 men 60+.


Kim's podium.
Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture MTB, NMORS #2

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 27 2019

The 14th annual La Tierra Torture mountain bike race put on by the CORE Crew. The race is on the La Tierra Trails in the NW Quadrant of Santa Fe. Fast fun flowy trails and great weather!

Kim Bear: 2h 48m 01s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Jan Bear: 2h 03m 06s, 1/4, Cat 1 Men 60+
Carl Gable:


Road Bike

505 Cycling Classic ITT

Albuquerque , NM • Apr 6 2019

A 20K ITT, very flat course.

Jan Bear: 32m 34s, 23/23, Men 45+ Cat 3/4/5

Slowest but oldest.


Mountain Bike

Roosevelt Middle School MTB, NMORS #1

Tijeras, NM • Mar 30 2019…

A fun, fast punchy 2 mile course around Roosevelt Middle School. Dirt single track, pavement, twisty turns and high speed. A mountain bike race with a cyclocross format. The Women's race was 70 minutes and the Men's 90 minutes.

Jan Bear: 1h 30m, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 1h 10m, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Road Triathlon

Oro Valley Sprint Triathlon

Tucson, AZ • Mar 23 2019…

A fun sprint triathlon in warmer climate! The race temp was in the 50's but it warmed up to 70 degrees for our afternoon hike.

Kim Bear: 1h 23m 43s, 1/10, Women 60-64.

17th of 90 women overall!

Jan Bear: 1h 18m 09s, 2/7, Men 60-64.

28th of 111 men overall.

Jan on the podium.
Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10

Silver City, NM • Mar 9 2019

A 10 hour mountain bike endurance race. The course was a little different this year with more single track and was 12.3 miles per lap.

Kim Bear: 9h 12m 10s, 1/3, Women 60+.

Total of 86.1 miles.

Jan Bear: 8h 34m 15s, 1/12, Men 60+.

Total of 98.4 miles.

Kim during the run.
Off Road Triathlon

Moab Off Road Triathlon

Moab, UT • Mar 1-2 2019 http://racingunderground.racetec…

A 1000 meter pool swim at the Moab Aquatic Center, followed the next morning by a 4.7 mile trail run at North Klondike Bluff Trails and then a 8.2 mile mountain bike segment in the same general location on different trails. Between the trail run and mountain bike there was 1500 foot elevation change.

Jan Bear: 1h 57m 11s, 3/8, Overall Men

1K Swim: 22:14, 4.6 Mile Trail Run: 36:28, Mountain Bike: 56:06. 7th place of 40 men in the duathlon category and 1st in the 60+ age group.

Kim Bear: 2h 17m 21s, 1/4, Overall Women

1K Swim: 17:42, 4.6 mile Trail Run: 47:19, Mountain Bike: 1:10:05 3rd place of 21 women in the duathlon category and 1st in the 60+ age group.


Fat Bike

DUST2 Fat Bike Fun Race

Pagosa Springs, CO • Feb 10 2019…

A fun Fat Bike race near Wolf Creek, Lots of climbing for such a short course, 1700 feet in 11 miles.

Jan Bear: 1h 28m, 4/25, Open Men
Kim Bear: 2h 05m, 2/4, Open Women
Trail Run

34th Annual Corrida de Los Locos

Santa Fe, NM • Feb 2 2019

A fun but tough 5.4 mile trail run beginning and ending at the Marty Sanchez Golf Course on Santa Fe's west side.

Kim Bear: 58m 45s, 1/1, Women 60-69.

70th out of 82 total racers.

Jan Bear: 48m 23s, 3/6, Men 60-69.

37th of 82 total racers.


Fat Bike

Borealis FatBike World Championships

Crested Butte, CO • Jan 26 2019…

A long tough fat bike course. It got very windy causing lots of snow drifts making the riding tough.

Jan Bear: 3h 15m 08s, 7/24, Men 50+.

First men's finisher over 60. 45th out of 93 total men.

Kim Bear: 4h 14m 09s, 2/5, Women's 50+.

2nd Place Women's 50+, 14th of 28 all women.

Kim on the Podium.
Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler 35 Mile

El Paso, TX • Jan 20 2019…

A tough rocky long mountain bike race.

Kim Bear: 5h 18m 22s, 2/4, Women 40+

39th of 75 overall in the 35 mile race.

Jan Bear: 4h 13m 52s, 4/41, Men 40+

6th overall of 75 in the 35 mile race group.