Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing



Bad Santa CX

Albuquerque, NM • Dec 18 2016

A fun course all on dirt, sand and gravel. The weather was cold and windy but the sun was out!

Jan Bear: 1/9, Men 60+
Kim Bear: 3/5, Open Women

Hay's Apple Farm Cross

Bosque Farms, NM • Dec 17 2016

A very twisty course in the apple orchard with some mud on a cold December day!

Kim Bear: 2/4, Open Women
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+

Univ. of AZ. Himmel Cyclocross Day #2

Tucson, AZ • Dec 11 2016

Day 2 was the reverse of the first day, clockwise!

Jan Bear: 42m 42s, 2/4, Men's 1/2/3 50+
Kim Bear: 51m 01s, 4/7, Women's 3/4
Kim Bear: 30m 05s, 1/1, Women's 1/2/3 50+

Univ. of AZ. Himmel Cyclocross Day #1

Tucson, AZ • Dec 10 2016

A fast 90% grass CX race with lots of pedaling.

Kim Bear: 29m 52s, 1/2, Women 1/2/3/4 50+
Jan Bear: 51m, 4/5, Men's 1/2/3 50+
Kim Bear: 48m 35s, 4/8, Women's 3/4

Rocky Mountain Regional Cyclocross Championships

Longmont, CO • Dec 3 2016

A flat course with very little in the way of technical components.

Jan Bear: 43m 21s, 6/20, Men 60+

I had a little trouble about halfway through lap #3 and lost ground through the rest of the race. Up until that point I was with the lead group of 4.

Kim Bear: 12/14, Women's 40+

The only woman 60+.



Arizona Cross #7

Phoenix, AZ • Nov 26 2016

Cyclocross at Horse Lover's Park!

Kim Bear: 41m 32s, 5/12, Women's Cat 3-4
Kim Bear: 35m 12s, 1/4, Women 50+ Cat Open
Women's Open Podium!

Holy Guacamole Cross

El Paso, TX • Nov 20 2016

A Great hilly grass course, Hard Work!!

Kim Bear: 2/3, Open Women
Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+
Master's Poidum!

Cruces Cross

Las Cruces, NM • Nov 19 2016

A flat grass course with no recovery and lots of pedalling!!

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+
Kim Bear: 3/3, Open Women
Kim on the podium in the Women's open race.

Fiesta Cross

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 13 2016

A tough gravel, sand and old broken asphalt course.

Kim Bear: 3/6, Open Women
Jan Bear: 1/10, Men 60+

Fort Lewis College Cyclocross

Durango, CO • Nov 12 2016

Always a great course on Ray Denison Memorial Field. Lots of grass, off camber tight turns and a 1.75 mile course.

Jan Bear: 7/17, Men 50+
Kim Bear: DNF (Another day of flats!!), Open Women

Cities of Gold Cyclocross

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 6 2016

A short very wet venue. The grass was pretty wet with some mud in spots.

Kim Bear: 7/7, Open Women

Two flats!!

Jan Bear: 1/7, Men 60+


At the log barriers with Jimmy!

Sunnyslope Cyclocross

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 22 2016

A fun dirt course down along the Rio Grande just south of Albuquerque.

Kim Bear: 3/6, Open Women
Kim Bear: 1/5, Cat 3-4 Women
Jan Bear: 42m 40s, 1/6, 60+ Men
Time for a beer!
Mountain Bike

Moab Epic Mountain Bike Orienteering

Moab, UT • Oct 15 2016

Approximately 50 mile mountain bike orienteering race. Kim and I raced with Ries Robinson(a past TSF racer) as more of a team effort!

Ries Robinson: 4h 56m 02s, 10/48, Open Men

Team Santa Fe Alumni!!

Kim Bear: 5h 02m 12s, 1/6, 50 mile women
Jan Bear: 4h 58m 50s, 11/48, 50 mile men
Trail Run

Tatonka 5 & 10K

Pecos, NM • Oct 9 2016…

5 & 10K Trail Runs to support the educational fund for Declan McClintock. Son of Green Beret SFC Matthew McClintock KIA in Afghanistan Jan. 5th 2016.

Kim Bear: 1h 46m 51s, 19/19, Women overall 10K

Was the course sweep and picked up all the course markings.

Jan Bear: 33m 05s, 10/26, Overall males 5K

Started late, self recorded time was finishing handing out medals at the Cyclocross Race.

Mountain Bike

Road Apple Rally Mountain Bike Race

Farmington, NM • Oct 1 2016…

Mountain bike on the famous Road Apple Rally course, the longest continuously running mountain bike race in the US.

Kim Bear: 2h 24m 06s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60-64
Jan Bear: 2h 08m 15s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60-64


Mountain Bike

12 Hours of Albuquerque MTB

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 24 2016…

12 Hour mountain bike race that I did with Clark Smith. We had evening plans and pulled the plug after 4 laps each in about 4:20, 8:45 combined. Had a great dinner with the family afterwards!

Clark Smith: 4h 20m 30s, 11/23, Duo Men
Jan Bear: 4h 20m 32s, 11/23, Duo Men
Mountain Bike

High Desert Screamer Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Sep 17 2016 http://www.squashblossomclassic.…

A fun rolling mountain bike race on the trails just to the north of Gallup, The High Desert Trail System.

Kim Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Jan Bear: 2h 37m, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Mountain Bike

Horny Toad Hustle Mountain Bike Race

Las Cruces, NM • Sep 11 2016

A tough 34 mile mountain bike race in the desert heat!!

Jan Bear: 3h 24m 52s, 3/5, Cat 1 Men 50+

Only Cat 1 60+ man as well.

Kim Bear: 3h 50m, 1/2, Cat 1 Women 50+

Only Cat 1 60+ woman as well.

Road Triathlon

Patriot Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 10 2016

The annual end of season triathlon in Albuquerque. Time trial start in the pool!!

Jan Bear: 1h 23m 59s, 1/9, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 1h 29m 13s, 1/3, Women 60+.
Road Triathlon

Las Companas Compadres Sprint Triathlon

Santa Fe, NM • Sep 5 2016

A classic Santa Fe Sprint Triathlon.

Kim Bear: 1h 10m 44.7s, 1/2, Women 60-64

39th Place overall.

Jan Bear: 1h 03m 26.1s, 2/5, Men 60-64

14th Place overall.

Road Bike

Paula Higgins Memorial Time Trail

Moriarty, NM • Sep 4 2016

Road Bike Time Trial on USAC Certified 20 and 40K courses. This is where the outdoor 40K TT national record was set.

Jan Bear: 1h 04m 16s, 4/9, Men 60-64 40K
Kim Bear: 32m 29s, 1/4, Women 60-64 20K


Road Triathlon

Toughman New Mexico, Half Ironman

Cochiti, NM • Aug 21 2016…

The only 1/2 distance Ironman in New Mexico

Kim Bear: 3h 49m 06s, 2/7, Women Aquabike
Jan Bear: 5h 11m 59s, 3/5, Male Team

Olin Brown for the swim and Kevin Williams for the run. Same team as last year. My bike time was 2:42:57. 4th Place of 15 teams total.

Re-living old times.
Mountain Bike

Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race

Leadville, CO • Aug 13 2016 http://www.leadvilleraceseries.c…

100 mile mountain bike race at 10,500 feet altitude and above.

Kim Bear: 11h 12m 07s, 9/24, Women 50-59

74 of 135 women total and Kim was the oldest woman in the race!

Jan Bear: 9h 57m 08s, 9/47, Men 60-69

524 of 1212 total men.


Road Bike

Double Eagle Time Trial #2

Albuquerque, NM • Jul 31 2016

20K Time Trial. Perfect day with minimal wind.

Jan Bear: 30m 22s, 3/6, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 31m 39s, 1/2, Women 60-69
Road Triathlon

Chile Harvest Triathlon

Socorro, NM • Jul 30 2016

A fun sprint triathlon in Socorro. First time doing this event, included a 50 meter pool, very nice.

Jan Bear: 1h 09m 48s, 1/9, Men 60-64

21 of 74 men overall.

Kim Bear: 1h 14m 52s, 1/7, Women 60-64

14 of 65 women overall!

Mountain Bike

Tahoe Trail 100K Mountain Bike Race

Northstar Ski Area, CA • Jul 16 2016

A tough 60 mile two lap course with 7800 feet of climbing.

Kim Bear: 6h 56m 44s, 6/8, Women 50+
Jan Bear: 5h 44m 47s, 2/7, Men 60+
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship

Mammoth Lakes, CA • Jul 14 2016

National Championship Cross Country Mountain Bike Race in Mammoth, Ca. A tough 5.5 miles course with 1100 feet elevation gain per lap for three laps.

Kim Bear: 2h 02m 37s, 2/4, Women Cat 1 60-64
Jan Bear: 1h 43m 09s, 11/21, Men Cat 1 60-64
Road Bike

Double Eagle Time Trial #1

Albuquerque, NM • Jul 10 2016

20K Road Time Trial

Jan Bear: 32m 41s, 4/8, 60+ men
Kim Bear: 32m 13s, 1/3, Women 60+

2nd fastest woman overall, 2 of 15.


Road Triathlon

City of Lakes Triathlon

Santa Rosa, NM • Jun 25 2016

The annual City of Lakes Triathlon in Santa Rosa, NM with the after event jump into the Blue Hole.

Kim Bear: 3h 01m 13s, 1/5, Women 60-64
Jan Bear: 2h 52m 48s, 1/6, Men 60-64
Mountain Bike

Santa Fe Big Friggen Loop, New Mexico Endurance Series

Santa Fe, NM • Jun 25 2016

Big Friggen Loop "B" loop, 55 miles, 9.1K feet of climbing

Carl Gable: 11h 29m, 5/7, Open
Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Jun 18-19 2016

24 hour mountain bike race in the Zuni Mountain SE of Gallup, NM.

Jan Bear and Kim Bear: 22h 10m 35s, 6/11, Coed Pairs

Kim got sick after her 6th lap and did not ride anymore so we decided to call it a day and headed to Albuquerque for Father's Day!!

Mountain Bike

Glory Days NM State Mountain Bike Championship

Glorieta, NM • Jun 11 2016…

A great event at Glorieta Camps just outside of Santa Fe.

Kim Bear: 3h 06m 02s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Jan Bear: 2h 26m 30s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60+
Carl Gable: 1h 29m 19s, 3/6, Cat 2 Men 50-59
Mountain Bike

Oso High Mountain Bike Race

Angel Fire, NM • Jun 5 2016

race #5 on the 2016 NMORS calendar. A race to raise money for the fight against ALS.

Jan Bear: 1h 50m 19s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 2h 19m 31s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Road Triathlon

Milkman Triathlon

Dexter, NM • Jun 4 2016

A fun sprint triathlon at Lake Van just outside of Dexter, NM.

Jan Bear: 1h 16m 58s, 2/5, Men 60-64

25th overall out of 87 men.

Kim Bear: 1h 22m 56s, 1/2, Women 60-64

9th overall of 40 women.


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 29 2016

A short fun mountain bike race beginning in downtown Durango, with a loop up thru the campus of Fort Lewis College.

Jan Bear: 1h 14m 42s, 5/15, Men 55+
Kim Bear: 42m 22s, 2/3, Women 55+
Santa Fe Gran Fondo Start Line
Road Bike

Santa Fe Century Gran Fondo

Santa Fe, NM • May 22 2016

The Gran Fondo is the timed race version of the Santa Fe Century.

Carl Gable: 5h 07m 49s, 13/32, M 50-59

19.49 MPH, 44/117 Male Overall, Solid mid-pack in a strong field and feeling like I'm back from injury. Onward and upward.

Mountain Bike

Alien Run Mountain Bike Race

Aztec, NM • May 21 2016

The Alien Trail just outside of Aztec. A long race of 34.5 miles.

Jan Bear: 3h 25m 53s, 1st place, Cat 1 Men 60+


Kim on the podium!
Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture Mountain Bike Race

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 30 2016…

11th Annual Mountain Bike Race in Santa Fe promoted by the CORE Crew. Race #3 of the New Mexico Off Road Series.

Kim Bear: 2h 27m 31s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 60+
Jan Bear: 2h 08m 52s, 1/3, Cat 1 Men 60+
Carl Gable: 1h 25m 56s, 3/14, Cat 2 Men 50-59
Road Triathlon

UNM Spring Fling Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 10 2016…

Sprint triathlon on the UNM Campus.

Kevin Williams, Kim Bear, and Jan Bear: 1h 07m 22s, 1/9, 3 Person Teams

Kevin's run was 22:34, Jan's bike was 35:52 and Kim's swim was 8:20.

Mountain Bike

12 Hours in the Wild West Mountain Bike Race

Ruidoso, NM • Apr 9 2016…

12 hour mountain bike race on the Grindstone Canyon Trail System. Kim and I completed 8 laps for 25 place overall.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 11h 07m 02s, 3/9, Duo Co-ed.

Each lap was just over 11 miles long with 1200 feet of elevation gain per lap.


Mountain Bike

Arizona State Mountain Bike Championships

Phoenix, AZ • Mar 20 2016

A very similar course as Saturday's White Tank Whirlwind but a few more miles.

Jan Bear: 1h 54m 24s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Kim at White Tank Whirlwind
Mountain Bike

White Tank Whirlwind

Phoenix, AZ • Mar 19 2016

A desert mountain bike race with some climbing, rocky technical sections and 90 degree heat!!

Kim Bear: 2h 15m 30s, 3/4, Expert Women 45+
Jan Bear: 1h 50m 34s, 2/6, Masters Men 60+
Road Bike

Trifecta Time Trial

Las Cruces , NM • Mar 5 2016

12 mile rolling time trial.

Jan Bear: 32m 24s, 16/22, Men Masters 45+
Kim Bear: 34m 40s, 3/12, Women


Pre-race Ride
Fat Bike

USA Cycling Fat Bike National Championship

Powder Mountain, UT • Feb 27 2016

A 12 mile Fat Bike race on a x-country ski trail.

Jan Bear: 1h 02m 14s, 5/12, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 1h 07m 03s, 1/3, Women 60-69


Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler Mountain Bike Race

El Paso, TX • Jan 17 2016…

A rough single track mountain bike race in the high desert mountains of El Paso, TX.

Kim Bear: 5h 48m, 3/8, 35 Mile Open Women
Jan Bear: 4h 41m, 5/104, 35 Mile Open Men

A good steady ride without pushing the limits!


USAC Cyclocross National Championship

Asheville, NC • Jan 7 2016

A tough hilly course, two run ups, no stairs or sand but plenty of mud! The course was drying out some but still plenty of mud.

Kim Bear: 34m 26s, 2/4, Championship Women 60-64

USAC Cyclocross National Championships

Asheville, NC • Jan 6 2016

A tough hilly course, two run ups, no stairs or sand but plenty of mud! Not as muddy as the first day but still a lot of mud. Unfortunately there was a crash at the start and since I was way in the back I was involved and got to the first turn dead last, the rest of the race was working my way thru traffic. I was happy to pull back a top 15 finish!

Jan Bear: 41m 28s, 14/59, Championship Men 60-64

USAC Cyclocross National Championships

Asheville, NC • Jan 5 2016

A tough hilly course, two run ups, no stairs or sand but plenty of mud!

Kim Bear: 51m 24s, 31/48, Non-Championship Women 35+
Jan Bear: 54m 16s, 29/80, Non-Championship Men 50+