Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing


Mountain Bike

Dawn 2 Dusk AZ

Fountain Hills, AZ • Dec 10 2022…

A fast and fun 12 hour mountain bike race at McDowell Mountain Park just outside of Fountain Hills. A long 8 mile uphill grind and then a fast 8 mile descent back to the start finish for a 16.1 mile loop.

Kim Bear: 11h 29m 08.8s, 7/22, Duo Team: Co-ed

Tom Egelhoff was her partner for Pair Santa Fe!

Jan Bear: 11h 28m 17.2s, 3/13, Solo 60+ Male
Mountain Bike

Coyote Classic MTB

El Paso, TX • Dec 4 2022

In the Franklin Mountains it's always rocky and hard and the revamped Coyote Classic didn't disappoint!

Kim Bear: 1h 38m 09.2s, 3/12, Open Women

51 seconds out of 1st place.

Jan Bear: 2h 20m 39.3s, 2/5, Men 60+

7th place overall in the long course 25 mile rece.


Hawke Old Fashioned CX #1

Albuquerque, NM • Dec 3 2022

A fun course in the Bosque, tight turns, pavement, gravel and some running!

Jan Bear: 59m 09s, 1/2, Men 50+
Kim Bear: 54m 08s, 1/1, Open Women



Prestige Cyclocross #5

Tijeras, NM • Nov 27 2022…

A fun twisty course with lots of grass. A pretty short course but the heavy grass and tight corners made for a power hungry course. Kim and I were both lucky enough to win the 60+ series category and got some great winners jersey's.

Jan Bear: 46m 30s, 1/4, Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 34m, 1/1, Women 60+.

Night Cross #3

Albuquerque, NM • Nov 5 2022…

Back at Veterans Memorial Ballpark under the lights. It was a fun twisty course with GRASS, sand, gravel and pavement. Lots of fun, a little cold be seriously this New Mexico cyclocross!

Kim Bear: 47m 07s, 1/1, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 47m 45s, 1/4, Men 60+.


Road Run

Tatonka 5K

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 22 2022…

A great fundraiser for the Green Beret Foundation, held this year at the Veterans Memorial Park in Albuquerque. A very nice 3.6 mile course that wanders through the park.

Kim Bear: 45m 22.4s, 7/8, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 31m 19.5s, 1/9, Men 50+.
Mountain Bike

Huntsman Games Mountain Bike Race #2

St. George, UT • Oct 11 2022…

A fun 3 mile course with some techy sections and a moderate climb.

Jan Bear: 40m 15s, 1/4, Expert men 65-69

2nd fastest time overall.

Kim Bear: 49m 58s, 1/2, Expert women 65-69
Mountain Bike

Huntsman Games Mountain Bike Race #1

Hurricane, UT • Oct 10 2022…

The JEM Trail, same as last year.

Jan Bear: 2h 59s, 4/6, Expert men 65-69

Flatted twice then had to stop and add Stan's and still finished with a flat!

Kim Bear: DNF (Flats), Expert women 65-69

I guess it was our day for flats!!

Road Triathlon

Huntsman Games Sprint Triathlon

St. George , UT • Oct 8 2022…

A fun sprint triathlon, getting to swim in the lagoon is very cool.

Jan Bear: 1m 20.3s, 1/10, Men 65-69

6th out of a total of 57 men.

Kim Bear: 1m 36.6s, 3/11, Women 65-69
Road Bike

Huntsman Games Road Cycling Time Trial

St. George, UT • Oct 7 2022…

A fairly straightforward course 12.4 miles long.

Jan Bear: 33m 11s, 1/9, Experienced men 65-69

A one second win over the second place guy. 23rd place out of 177 total men racers.

Kim Bear: 38m 29s, 1/2, Expert women 65-69

9th out of 35 total women racers.

Road Bike

Huntsman Games Road Cycling Criterium

St. George, UT • Oct 5 2022…

A great 1.3 mile flat circuit with wide turns.

Jan Bear: 22m 10s, 6/7, Experienced men 65-69

A first for me, a fun experience, finished 8 out of 23 in my starting group.

Kim Bear: 16m 23s, 2/2, Expert women 65-69
Road Bike

Huntsman Games Road Cycling Hill Climb

St. George, UT • Oct 4 2022…

A short 5K, but steep road cycling hill climb in Snow Canyon.

Jan Bear: 15m 53s, 2/9, Experienced Men 65-69
Kim Bear: 20m 07s, 2/3, Expert Women 65-69
Mountain Bike

Road Apple Rally MTB, NMORS #7

Farmington, NM • Oct 1 2022…

The last NMORS race of the series. It was good and fast, nice cool day with a little overcast skies and some wind but great racing weather!

Kim Bear: 1h 06m 35.1s, 1/9, Women Cat 3 60-69.

35th out of 131 total racers in Cat 3.

Jan Bear: 2h 08m 35.6s, 3/5, Cat 1 men 60-69.

25 of 43 Cat 1 racers.


Mountain Bike

Horny Toad Hustle Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #6

Las Cruces, NM • Sep 25 2022

A long tough race. There are some fast flowy sections but also so rock, sand and gravel that make things very tough in sections. Plus 35 miles is a long way!!

Jan Bear: 3h 29m 12.1s, 1/2, Cat 1 Men 60+.
Kim Bear: 1h 04m 34.2s, 1/2, Cat 3 Women 60+.
Multi-sport Race

Sampson Challenge

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 18 2022…

This event involves 11 different disciplines done as fast as possible, similar to crossfit. The events were; rowing machine, tire flips, spartan pull, ground to overhead lifts, sandbag run with obstacles, sled pull, yoke carry, agility matrix, overhead lunges, run, medicine ball toss and water wade with weight.

Jan Bear: 17m 13.4s, 1/6, Rockstar Men, 65+
Kim Bear: 15m 03.3s, 1/9, Rockstar Women 65+
Mountain Bike

Albuquerque Dirt Fiesta 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 17 2022

An annual 12 hour mountain bike in the mountains east of Albuquerque. This year Kim and I were to be on a 4 person co-ed team together but Kim is hurt so her fill in was Tony A. The other team members were Tom E. and Aileen E. The course is a 12 mile loop with about 1000 feet of climbing per lap. Fast and fun but with some moderately technical spots!

Team Santa Fe: 11h 29m 24s, 4/10, Co-ed team of 3-4

I did three laps for the team. My times were 57:22, 58:51 and 57:36.

Mountain Bike

High Altitude Classic Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #5

Cloudcroft, NM • Sep 11 2022…

A rocky course with a ton of climbing. There are some fast fun downhill sections and some old rail bed sections that are a lot of fun.

Kim Bear: DNF (Fall, hurt L elbow again!), Women 60+
Jan Bear: 2h 40m 03.4s, 2/3, Men 60+

14 of 36 overall Cat 1 racers.


Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #4

Santa Fe, NM • Aug 27 2022

An 8 mile loop with about 750 feet of climbing per lap. A course with twisty single track, short steep climbs, long flowy sections and plenty of rocks.

Jan Bear: 2h 05m 47s, 7/9, Expert Men 50+
Kim Bear: 1h 42m 33.4s, 1/2, Expert Women 60+
Road Bike

Albuquerque Time Trial Series Race #3

Algodones, NM • Aug 21 2022…

Race #3 of the Albuquerquer Time Trial Series. A great day, awesome weather.

Kim Bear: 29m 24.7s, 2/2, Women 65-69

19 out of 26 total 17.5K racers.

Jan Bear: 26m 29.5s, 1/2, Men 65-69

9 out of 26 total 17.5K racers. The TT series results show that I was first of of 2 in the men's 65-69 year old category with an average time of 26:32.35.

Mountain Bike

Oak Flats Mountain Bike Race, NMORS #3

Albuquerque, NM • Aug 14 2022

A rough and moderately technical 4.5 mile rocky loop. This was the most technical riding you can find at Oak Flats all fit into a short 4.5 mile loop that we had to do 5 times with about 450 feet of climbing each lap.

Jan Bear and Kim Bear: 1/1, 60+ Women

5th of the women overall for a nice cash prize.

Jan Bear: 1/1, Men 60+
Mountain Bike

Oak Flats Short Track Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Aug 13 2022

A bumpy fast 1.4 mile loop with no place to get the heart rate under control.

Kim Bear: 41m, 3/3, Open Women
Jan Bear: 42m, 15/20, Open Men

I did one extra lap as I was passed by the leader on my lap 6 but was not stopped so continued on for a 7th lap, good training!

Mountain Bike

Maah Daah Hey 100 Mountain Bike Race

Waford City, ND • Aug 6 2022…

A great mountain bike single track race in the North Dakota Badlands. The 100 mile race was stopped due to the rain and trail conditions.

Jan Bear: 5h 35m, DNF (Race halted due to rain), Men

I finished the first 46+ miles of the course while carrying my bike the last 4 miles because the wheels would not turn due to the peanut butter mud! A beautiful area! I want to come back next year and hope for better weather!!


Road Bike

Albuquerque Time Trial Series Race #2

Algodones, NM • Jul 25 2022…

A fun TT on very nice pavement with very little traffic. Today's race had a big headwind on the way out which of course turned into a nice tailwind on the way back!

Jan Bear: 27m 47.5s, 2/3, Men 65-69

10th out of 24 starters overall.

Kim Bear: 30m 03.4s, 1/2, Women 65-69

14th out of 24 starters overall.

Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship

Park City, CO • Jul 20 2022…

A 5 mile course with a big climb, a fast descent and a traverse with a couple of very short technical sections. Same course as previous years.

Jan Bear: 1h 36m 17s, 6/14, Men 65-69

A tough sprint at the end which I won!

Road Bike

Albuquerque Time Trial Series Race #1

Algodones, NM • Jul 10 2022…

A very nice course with great road surface. The day was amazing with the start times early enough that it wasn't too hot.

Jan Bear: 26m 35.2s, 1/1, Men 65-69

6 out 22 in the 17.5K group.


Mountain Bike

Del Norte 720, 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Del Norte, CO • Jun 11 2022 https://www.chocolatebunnyproduc…

A very rocky 11 mile loop just a few miles east of downtown Del Norte, CO at the Quarry Trails. There was about 1000 feet of climbing each lap but the rock is what made this race hard!


Mountain Bike

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Mountain Bike Race

Durango, CO • May 30 2022

Same course as last year! It sure seemed tougher! A true mountain bike course with 2400 feet of climbing in a 14.5 mile race. There was also so moderately technical sections.

Jan Bear: 1m 32.5s, 1/2, Men 65+

About 5 minutes slower than last year! 5th place in the group of 19 men in the 55+ age group.

Kim Bear: DNF (crashed), Women 65+

Left elbow injury.

Mountain Bike

Alien Run, NMORS #2

Aztec, NM • May 14 2022

A very tough 33 mile course with a little bit of everything, sand, baby head rock climbs, steep twisty descents, volcanic rock and finally some flowy sections.

Jan Bear: 3h 19m 37.9s, 1/2, Expert men 60+

13 of 24 total expert men.

Kim Bear: 4h 25m 39.5s, 1/1, Expert women 60+

The only women in the Expert race!


Mountain Bike

6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal

Santa Fe, NM • Apr 30 2022…

A 6 hour endurance mountain bike race. This is a race that The CORE Crew promotes so it is hard to be putting on a race and racing in it! It is a fun 9.4 mile loop that is fast and flowy. There is 700 feet of climbing each lap.

Jan Bear: 5h 24m 16.2s, 1/2, Open Male Team

I did two laps with lap times of 44:56 and 45:34.

Kim Bear: 6h 03m 31.5s, 1/2, Open Female Team

Kim did two lap with lap times of 53:02 and 56:22. The last lap she helped bring in one of the junior girls who was having trouble finishing.

Olin killing it in the pool.
Road Triathlon

Lobo Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 10 2022…

A fast sprint triathlon at Johnson Field the UNM campus. Both the run and bike were totally on camps and the swim was in the natatorium.

Jan Bear: 33m 46.3s, 1/10, Open Teams

I did this event with Olin Brown, 400M pool swim in 6:55.3 and Jim Young, 5K road run in 22:38.8. Total time 1:04:00.6

Podium shot!
Mountain Bike

Tommyknocker 10 Mountain Bike Race

Silver City, NM • Apr 2 2022…

A new course that is 13 miles in length with 750 feet of climbing per lap. Fast and fun. Team Santa Fe completed 10 laps for a 130 mile total. It was a tight race with the second place team but they were unable to finish their 10th lap in the 10 hour time limit!

Kim Bear: 1h 04m 30.6s, 1/12, CoEd Team

Tem consisted of Aileen E, Tom E, Kim and I.

Jan Bear: 54m 35.2s, 1/12, CoEd Team


Mountain Bike

Bosque Sunday XC Mountain Bike Race

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 27 2022…

For this race we used Friday's ITT course in reverse. There were just two of us in the 20 mile race Hawke and I. Of course Hawke beat me in a sprint to the line!

Jan Bear: 1h 22m 40s, 2/2, Open Men
Kim Bear: 1h 15m 20s, 2/5, Open Women
Mountain Bike

Bosque MTB, NMORS #1

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 26 2022

A fast fun very twisty mountain bike race in the Bosque in Albuquerque. You had a couple opportunities to ride your bike directly into the Rio Grande if you weren't careful.

Jan Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 men 60-69
Kim Bear: 1/1, Cat 1 women 60-69
Mountain Bike

Bosque Mountain Bike ITT

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 25 2022…

A twisty flat individual mountain bike individual time trial. Hawke had a great 3 day event planned, too bad more people didn't show up to race, it was fun with challenging courses!

Kim Bear: 19m 10s, 2/3, Women
Jan Bear: 15m 42s, 2/3, Men A
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Enduro Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 13 2022…

3 fun enduro segments. One longer segment and 2 shorter segments, the long one was fast and flowy while the two shorter ones were more technical.

Jan Bear: 13m 27.9s, 5/14, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 16m 10s, 2/3, Women 60-69
Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 12 2022…

A 43 mile mountain bike race. The last few miles is very rough and tiring. This course has it all, rocky terrain, fast flowy sections, tight twisty sections and lots of short ups and downs.

Jan Bear: 3h 12m 34.1s, 4/20, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 4h 04m 40.4s, 3/4, Women 60-69
Mountain Bike Stage Race

The Cactus Cup

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 11-13 2022…

The 3 races all together is the Cactus Cup!

Jan Bear: 3h 51m 25.2s, 4/8, Men 60-69

Only 8 men in this age group completed all 3 events.

Kim Bear: 4h 51m 45.3s, 2/3, Women 60-69

Only 3 women in this age group completed all 3 events.

Mountain Bike

The Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Individual Time Trial

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 11 2022…

A fast 5.5 mile mountain bike course with a little of everything, sand, fast turns, climbs, steep descents and some very fast sections.

Jan Bear: 25m 23.3s, 5/12, Men 60-69
Kim Bear: 30m 55s, 2/3, Women 60-69


Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Tucson, AZ • Feb 19-20 2022…

The iconic 24 hour mountain bike race. It's been around for 20+ years and is a huge event. Several thousand people are there at the race as spectators and racers. The course is a fast 16 mile loop. I was there with the same team I did the race with in 2020 and Kim was solo.

Jan Bear: 1d 14s, 2/23, Coed team total age 250+

Team members Dave, David, Nick, Susie and me. I did four laps, our team did 19 laps.

Kim Bear: 1d 23m 22s, 5/9, Open solo women
Fat Bike

Silverton Whiteout Fat Bike Race

Silverton, CO • Feb 5 2022

This was a fun local event but it sure was cold. When we arrived in Silverton race morning the temperature was -8 degrees. Kim did a duo with Brent and I was solo. The temperature go into the 20's during the day but it was still a cold day on the bike after being in short sleeves in Temecula, CA only a week ago.

Kim Bear: 6h 40m, 4/12, CoEd Duo

Both Kim and Brent did great logging three laps each and finishing in an unofficial 4th place with 66 miles on racing on snow!!

Jan Bear: 6h 15m 17s, 7/34, Open Solo Men

There were only quasi official results but no formal results on the Whiteout website. I could have done another lap time wise but I was getting cold and the sun had already gone behind the mountain and the course was now in 100% shade so only going to get colder!!


Mountain Bike

8 Hours of Temecula

Temecula, CA • Jan 30 2022…

A fast twisty 8 mile course with about 800 feet of climbing a lap. Short steep ups and fast twisty down hills as well as some double track for passing. All in all a fun course!

Kim Bear: 7h 23m 25.4s, 1/2, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 7h 25m 40.2s, 2/2, Men 60-69.

I did 85 miles in 7 and 1/2 hours and figured that was enough! I was not going to be able to catch the guy in front of me so I slowed down and only did 12 laps instead of jamming in the 13th lap!

Gravel Race

Texas Chainring Massacre

Valley View, TX • Jan 22 2022…

A fairly fast smooth gravel race in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tom E, Kim and I decided to try it in anticipation of our upcoming gravel CORE Crew gravel event in conjunction with the Santa Fe Century. We wanted to check out how a big gravel event is run! Now we know!!

Kim Bear: 2h 18m 05s, 1/4, 65 and older 30 miler
Jan Bear: 3h 10m 25s, 2/10, Men 61+, 50 mile race
Mountain Bike

The El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 16 2022…

The Puzzler is one tough mountain bike race. We have been doing it on and off for a few years and this year's race was even tougher. Reason, about a year ago heavy rains washed out many of the trails and they are still very rough. Some areas like the descent off Mundy Pass has some really bad sections that previously were very fast. We did the 35 mile race as the 50 miler adds another big climb and I didn't think it was much fun historically. Great weather this year, great volunteers and a all around fun atmosphere!!

Jan Bear: 4h 32m 58s, 2/15, Men 50+.

8th Place overall in the 35 mile race out of 89 racers.

Kim Bear: 6h 14m 59s, 2/2, Women 50+.

4th out of a total of 6 women entered!

On Course with Kim

Hay's Apple Orchard CX

Bosque Farms, NM • Jan 8 2022

A typical Hays Apple Orchard CX race with a couple of ne running sections. As always Hawke makes us work hard but the Hays event always has a fun but challenging course!

Kim Bear: 1/1, Women 60+.
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+.