Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing

Date Race Location Team Members Finishing Time Place Race Events
italized names are not TSF members M=male
# = age grp.
O = overall



12/31/05 Southwest Nordic Ski Club Orienteering Run Los Alamos, NM Kim Bear
Jan Bear
50 m 1st overall Orienteering, running (no snow)
12/17/05 B&K Bank's Goldenfliers 5 and 10 Mile Road Race Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow 1h 15m 1st F40+
4th F
Road Race
12/11/05 Half-Assed Half-Marathon Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow 1h 42m 1st F40+
3rd F
Road Race


11/20/05 Du Bayou Off-Road Duathlon Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow
Jeff Diamond
2 h 27m 42s 1st Coed Relay team Mtn Bike + Trail Run
11/12/05 NM Orienteers Mini-Rogaine Doc Long Camp, Sandia Mountains, NM TSF1: Kim Bear + Jeanette Brasher
TSF2: Jan Bear + Jason Taylor + Pete Stilwell
TSF3: Carl Gable + Joel Krypel
4h 00m 9th place 40+
2nd place

3rd place


10/6-10/05 AdventureXstream Expedition Adventure Race Moab, UT Kim Bear
Jan Bear
Chris Garcia, support
NA 1st pair
3rd overall of 17
Adventure Race
10/01/05 Road Apple Rally Mountain Bike Race Farmington, NM Jan Bear 2h 10m 37s 1st senior sport master M Mtn. Bike
Training Events
10/08/05 Oktoberfest 3 Mile Run Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow 22m 20s 1st F45-50 Road Run


09/25/05 Tour de Acoma 100 Mile Road Bike Acoma Pueblo, NM Deb Werenko*
Gary Johnson*
4 h 39m 17s
4 h 39m 18s
1 of 5
6 of 30
Road Bike
09/24/05 New Mexico Orienteers September Night-O Los Alamos, NM Bob, Carol Kurth, Jan, Samantha Bear, Paul Laur
Kim, JJ Bear, Bob, Carol Kurth
NA 3rd long course

2nd short course
Night Orienteering
09/17/05 New Mexico Orienteers September Event Los Alamos, NM Jan Bear
Ries Robinson
NA 1st Orange (vetting)
4th Red
09/10/05 AdventureXstream 12 hour Vail Adventure Race White River Natl. Forest, Vail CO Kim Bear
Jan Bear
8 h 31 m 1st of 41 pairs Adventure Race


08/27/05 New Mexico Orienteers August Event Los Alamos, NM Jan Bear 1 h 37 m 1st Red Course Orienteering
08/20-21/05 Western Connecticut Orienteering Club Rogaine Norfolk, CT Eric Jacobsen
Tom Olsen
24 h 22nd place
08/17/05 New Mexico Orienteering Event Los Alamos, NM Kim Bear
Jeanette Brasher
1 h 35 m 2nd/9 teams Orienteering
08/13/05 Jupiter Steeplechase Park City, UT Eric Jacobsen 3 h 10 m 22 M40+

62 Overall
08/13/05 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race Leadville, CO Ries Robinson
Gary Johnson
Jan Bear
Deb Werenko
Lisa Broome
Kim Bear
George Broome
8 h 52m
8 h 58m
0 h 00 m
9 h 49 m
11 h 00 m
11h 20 m
Mtn Bike
08/08/05 La Luz Trail Run Albuquerque, NM Ries Robinson
Deb Werenko
Jen Robinson
1 h 59 m 13 s
2 h 01 m 03 s
2 h 24m 38 s
13/42 M40+
1/21 F40+
9/20 F40+
Trail Run
Training Events
08/21/05 Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run Leadville, CO David Coblentz
Carl Gable (pacer)
22 h 41 m 16 s 5th M40+
17th O
Trail Run
Training Events
09/17/05 Santa Barbara Run Santa Barbara Canyon, NM Carl Gable 6 h 12 m NA Trail Run


07/16-23/05 Bike TransAlp Challenge 2005 Germany, Austria, Italy Kim Bear
Kim Kreb
Jan Bear
Gary Johnson
61 h 37 m 34 s

51 h 56 m 22 s
10/19 pairs

75/150 pairs
Mt Bike

Mt Bike
07/10/05 UCI World Cup Amateur Cross Country Race Angel Fire Resort, NM Jan Bear
Kim Bear
1h 37 m 57 s
2h 07 m 12 s
2nd sport 40+
Mt. Bike
07/02/05 Breckenridge Firecracker 50* Breckenridge, CO Gary Johnson

Deb Werenko
5h 19 m 31s

6 h 3 m 36 s
1st sport M 50+ 191/400
2nd sport F 40+ 346/400
Mt. Bike
07/02/05 Twisted 10K Salt Lake City UT Eric Jacobsen
Craig Mogel
3 h 59 m 1st overall
1st all male
Training Events
07/26/05 Via Ferrata Expedition Leukerbad Switzerland Kim, Jan and Samantha Bear, Gary, Seah and Erik Johnson, Jurgen Durrschmidt n.a. n.a. via ferrata
06/17/05 - 07/04/05 Rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River Grand Canyon AZ Carl Gable
Barb Dutrow
n.a. n.a. rafting,
07/09/05 Triple By-Pass* Evergreen to Avon, CO Gary Johnson Deb Werenko n.a. n.a. Bike


06/25/05 Watermelon Mountain Classic Mountain Bike Race Albuquerque, NM Jan Bear 1st M 50+ Sport Mtn Bike
06/18/05 New Mexico Orienteers June Event Los Alamos, NM Jan Bear n.a. Vetter Brown Course
DQ Red
06/11/05 Tres Piedras to Tierra Amarilla Road Race Tierra Amarilla NM Deb Werenko*
Gary Johnson*
29 mile
47 mile
Road Bike
06/11/05 Twisted 10K (urban adv. race) Salt Lake City, UT Eric Jacobsen
Katherine Martz
4 h 1 m 4th Coed
06/10-11/05 AdventureXstream 24 Hour Adventure Race Durango, CO Jan Bear
Kim Bear
21 h 41 m 1st Coed Pair
5th O
Mtn bike, paddling
06/05/05 Crest Race Sandia Crest NM Deb Werenko*
Gary Johnson*
2h 20m
2h 11m
Road Bike
06/05/05 Teva Games Sprint Adventure Race Vail, CO Jan Bear
Ries Robinson
Shantelle Price
DNF n.a. Mtn Bike
trek, ropes,
06/04/05 Teva 10K Trail Running Race Vail, CO Kim Bear 1 h 29 m 01s 6th - F40+ Trail run


05/30/05 Iron Horse Cross Country Moutain Bike Race Durango, CO Jan Bear 1st - Sport Master Men Mountain Bike
05/28/05 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Durango, CO Kim Bear
Gary Johnson*
Deb Werenko*
citizens dvsn
3 h 08 m 29 s
3 h 15 m 46 s

42/66 M50+
16/41 F40+
Road Bike
05/21/05 Quest For Fire Adventure Race Angel Fire, NM TSF - 1: Kim Bear
Jeanette Brasher
Kerry Dalen Kim Kreb

TSF - 2: Jan Bear
Gary Johnson
Reis Robinson
Deb Werenko
12 h finisher

1st Overall
4 person Coed
Bike, paddle, mystery events, run
05/14/05 New Mexico Orienteers May Event Los Alamos, NM Jan Bear 1 h 20 m 3rd Red course orienteering
05/07/05 Collegiate Peaks Trail Run Buena Vista, CO Carl Gable 4 h 23 m 53 s O 51/195 Trail Run
Training Events
05/28/05 Heartbreak Double Century Palmdale, CA George Broome
Lisa Carr-Broome
15 h 53 m 42nd
05/19/05 20th Annual Santa Fe Century Santa Fe, NM Jan Bear
Kim Bear
Gary Johnson
Ries Robinson
Deb Werenko
Road Bike


04/30/05 Cerrillos del Coyote Mountain Bike Race Socorro, NM Jan Bear
Ries Robinson
2 h 03 m 59 s
2 h 00 m 36 s
2nd male
1st male
Mountain Bike
04/23/05 Zane Grey Highland 50 Mile Trail Race Payson, AZ Barb Dutrow
15h 05m 5th F40+ Trail Run
04/23-24/05 3rd Annual 24 Hours of Temecula, Mountain Bike Race Temecula, CA Jan Bear
Kim Bear
24 h 00 m 2nd - Duo Pro/Expert Mountain Bike
04/09/05 Dawn to Dusk Mountain Bike Race Gallup, NM Jan Bear
Ries Robinson
12 h 00 m 3rd of 15 male duo Mountain Bike
04/02/05 AdventureXstream Moab 12 Hour Adventure Race Moab, UT Jan Bear
Kim Bear
8 h 1st Coed Pair; 4th Pairs O Run Bik Kayak
04/01/05 Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Backcountry Ski Race Crested Butte - Aspen, CO Carl Gable
Gary Johnson
15 h 22m 11th M 46+ Backcountry Snow Ski


03/27/05 Santa Fe Fireball Ski Race Santa Fe, NM Carl Gable 58 m 31 sec 1st M 40+
3/18 O
Cross Co. Ski
03/26/05 New Mexico Orienteers March Event Los Alamos, NM Jan Bear and
Ries Robinson
1 hr 37 m 3rd Green Course Orienteering
03/05/05 Old Pueblo 50 Mile Endurance Run Sonoita, AZ Barb Dutrow
Carl Gable
11 hr 15 m
12 hr 22 m
4th F40+
37 M40+
Trail Run
Training Events
03/21/05 Tour De Cypress Katy, TX Lisa Carr-Broome George Broome Bike
03/20/05 The Great Escape Pearland, TX Lisa Carr-Broome George Broome Bike
03/13/05 Bluebonnet Express Prairie View, TX Lisa Carr-Broome George Broome Bike
03/12/05 Continental Airlines Cycling Classic Montgomery, TX Lisa Carr-Broome George Broome Bike
03/18-19/05 Ben Meyer's Ridge-a-thon* Taos Ski Valley, NM Gary Johnson
Deb Werenko and Bill Carey,
2 days 1st O - solo
46 laps
2nd O - duo
43 laps
Alpine Ski


02/19/05 Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon Grants, NM George Broome
Lisa Carr-Broome
Jan Bear
Kim Bear
6h 44m

5 hr 16 m
6 hr 20 m
1st Mxd50+

8th M45-49
2nd F45-49
X-c ski
02/05/05 Pemberton Trail 50K Fountain Hills, AZ Barb Dutrow 4:40:38 1st F40+
2nd F
Mountain Trail Run
Training Events
02/19-26/05 Ski Mountaineering Durrand Glacier Selkirk Mtns,
B. C., Canada
Carl Gable
Joel Krypel
Deb Werenko
N/A N/A Backcountry snow skiing
02./26/05 Race for the Cure 5K Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow 21:41 1st F40+
3rd F
Road Race
02/19/05 Brother Eldon 5K Baton Rouge, LA Barb Dutrow 21:38 1st F40+
2nd F
Road Race
02/06/05 Big Chill Bike Ride Katy, TX Lisa Carr-Broome
George Broome
Road Bike


01/30/05 The Wall - Louisiana Distance Championship 30K Destrehan, LA Barb Dutrow 2:27:24 1st F40+
Road Race
01/16/05 Houston HP Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon Houston, TX Lisa Carr-Broome

George Broome

53/238 F45
15/52 M65+ 2889/6736
Road marathon
Half marathon
01/15/05 Santa Fe Ski and Shoe Santa Fe, NM Carl Gable 1:41:06 5th M40+
5th Overall
Training Events
01/30/05 Frost Bike 50 Cypress, TX Lisa Carr-Broome
George Broome
N/A N/A Road Bike