Team Santa Fe Multisport Racing



Arizona State Cyclocross Championships

Phoenix, AZ • Dec 20 2015

The course was similar to the course yesterday by with some longer flat power sections on dirt and grass.

Kim Bear: 2/2, Women 40+.
Jan Bear: 1/5, Men 55+.

Arizona Cyclocross Series Finals

Phoenix, AZ • Dec 19 2015

A fun fast course with a variety of different surfaces.

Jan Bear: 2/5, Men 55+.
Kim Bear: 3/3, Pro 1/2/3 Women

NM/West Texas Regional Cyclocross Championship

Glorieta, NM • Dec 13 2015

What do you expect for Glorieta in mid December, a cyclocross race in 6 inches of fresh snow and 30 degree temps.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+.

Holy Guacamole Cross NMCX #11

El Paso, TX • Dec 6 2015

A very hilly fun course with lots of off chamber turns!

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 1/2, Men 60+

Cruces Cross NMCX # 10

Las Cruces, NM • Dec 5 2015

A flat all grass course.

Kim Bear: 1/3, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 2/2, Men 60+.



Caja del Rio Ripper NMCX #9

Santa Fe, NM • Nov 15 2015

A split personality race, warm and dry till 11AM then cold and very wet till the final race was completed.

Kim Bear: 1/3, Women 50+
Jan Bear: 1/4, Men 60+

Capulin Cross NMCX #8

Capulin Sledding Area, Sandia National Forest, NM • Nov 8 2015

A cold, muddy and bumpy course at 9000 feet in elevation!!

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 1/2, Men 60+

Glorieta Cross Presented by Get Out NM NMCX #7

Glorieta, NM • Nov 1 2015

Beautiful Fall day in Glorieta.

Kim Bear: 2/5, Women 50+.
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+.



La Cueva Cyclocross NMCX #5

Albuquerque, NM • Oct 25 2015

Race #5 in the NMCX Series. A fun, more technical cyclocross race at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque. Lots of off camber sections in wet grass!

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+
Kim Bear: 1/3, Women 50+
Mountain Bike

Moab Epic Mountain Bike Adventure

Moab, UT • Oct 24 2015

A mountain bike orienteering race with 16 checkpoints spread out over about 50 miles of spectacular Moab bike trails.

Ries Robinson: 5h 25m 32s, 10/42, Men Open
Kim Bear: 5h 25m 28s, 3/8, Women Open
Jan Bear: 5h 25m 24s, 9/42, Men Open

We raced as a group with Team Santa Fe Alumni Ries Robinson!


Desert Academy Cyclocross NMCX #3

Santa Fe, NM • Oct 11 2015

Stop #3 in the NM Cyclocross Series. Another dirt race, have not seen any grass yet this year in a cyclocross race.

Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+

I had a good race finishing 75 meters behind Jimmy Day who was racing in the 50+ category so if I was in the category I would have finished 4th!

Kim Bear: 1/5, Women 50+

Kim had a great race catching almost half the field in the Women's Cat1/2/3 race.

Jan Bear: 12/25, Open Men Cat. 4/5 Race

I decided to race again in the afternoon in the men's 4/5 race with middle of the pack results, unfortunately I was the oldest guy in the race.


Santa Ana Star Cyclocross NMCX #2

Rio Rancho, NM • Oct 4 2015

Race #2 in the NMCX Series. A sandy 3km course with lots of terrain features.

Kim Bear: 1/2, Women 50+
Jan Bear: 1/3, Men 60+


Mountain Bike

12 Hours of Albuquerque MTB

Tijeras, NM • Sep 26 2015

12 Hour Endurance Mountain Bike Race at Oak Flats outside Albuquerque.

Maripat Glover and Kim Bear: 8h 53m 30s, 3/5, Duo-Female

73 out of 132 overall. They also quit early to party!

Clark Smith and Jan Bear: 8h 47m 45s, 10/22, Duo-Men

32 out of 132 overall. We left early to celebrate Jan's birthday!!


Sunnyslope Cyclocross NMCX #1

Albuquerque, NM • Sep 19 2015

Race #1 of the NMCX Series. All dirt CX race. First one of the Cyclocross season!

Jan Bear: 1/4, 60+ Men
Kim Bear: 1/4, 50+ Women
Mountain Bike

High Desert Screamer Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Sep 18 2015

A Great mountain bike venue, awesome single track!

Kim Bear: 2h 55m, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 50+
Jan Bear: 2h 34m 18s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Mountain Bike

Horny Toad Hustle Mountain Bike Race

Las Cruces, NM • Sep 12 2015

A tough desert mountain bike race. Part of the NMORS series.

Kim Bear: 3h 51m 45s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 50+

Used borrowed shoes and pedals!

Jan Bear: 3h 17m 10s, 4/5, Cat 1 Men 50+

1st Place Cat 1 Men 60+.

Road Triathlon

Las Companas Mini Triathlon

Santa Fe, NM • Sep 6 2015

A fun fundraising mini triathlon right here in Santa Fe.

Kim Bear: 1h 08m 16s, 1/3, Women 55-59, 2nd woman overall

2nd overall woman, 21/104 overall

Jan Bear: 30m 53s, Men 55-59, DNF
Starting the Day Trek
Adventure Race

Guts & Glory 12 Hour Adventure Race

Glorieta, NM • Sep 4 2015

A fun 12 hour adventure race in our own backyard! We had Samantha and Clark along for the first 4 hours to teach them a few adventure racing skills but I think they held their own!

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 10h 49m 01s, 2/8, Open

Got 24 CP's out of possible 27.


Trail Run

Santa Fe Community College 5K Fun Run

Santa Fe, NM • Aug 28 2015

A fun up and down 5K trail run.

Kim Bear: 34m, 3/8, Overall Women

Got lost on return from mis-marked trail.

Jan Bear: 25m 41s, 4/12, Overall Men
Road Triathlon

Toughman New Mexico

Cochiti, NM • Aug 23 2015

A half Ironman distance Triathlon, the First Toughman New Mexico.

Jan Bear: 5h 12m 11s, 3/30, Team Result

Olin Brown swim, Jan Bear bike and Kevin Williams run. 3rd Place of 30 Teams Overall.

Kim Bear: 7h 07m 54s, 2/3, Women 55-59

Raced with JJ Bear the entire race.

Mountain Bike

Valles Caldera PyroClassic Mountain Bike Race

Los Alamos, NM • Aug 2 2015

A very hard race with lots of climbing at altitude.

Clark Smith: 1h 31m, 2/5, Cat. 2 Men 19-29
Jan Bear: 2h 53m 49s, 1/2, Cat. 1 Men 60+
Kim Bear: 3h 35m 51s, 1/1, Cat. 1 Women 50+
Samantha Bear: 2h 10m 03s, 1/1, Cat. 2 Women 19-29
Road Triathlon

Ute the Man Triathlon

Logan, NM • Aug 1 2015

A great lake swim in Ute Lake then a hilly bike over the first 4 miles and flattening out for the next 9 miles followed by a 4 mile hilly trail run. Kim was 1st Place Overall Woman!

Kim Bear: 1h 30m 44s, 1/4, Women 55-59

1st Place Overall Women

Jan Bear: 1h 30m 01s, 3/3, Men 60-64

6th Place Overall


Single Track Six Day 2 Course Map
Mountain Bike

Single Track 6 Day 2

Silverstar Bike Park BC Canada • Jul 27 2015

Day 2 was a lot better than day 1. No mechanical problems. The race took place at the Silver Star ski resort. The entire course consisted of purpose built bike trails. Lots of berms and bumps built for bikes.

Carl Gable: 3h 12m 37s, 14/30, M 50+

Course Info
Total Distance 39.8 km Total Climb 1,200 m
Timed Descent Distance 23 km Drop 200 m
Timed Descent 0:07:54.3 +1:58.8 141/222 Open Male

Jan 1st
Mountain Bike

Glory Days Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

Glorieta, NM • Jul 26 2015

Three, four mile laps, fast, flowy but really hot! Well organized and fun event with great prizes...old records.

Clark Smith: 1h 05m 57s, 1st place, Cat 2 Men 19-29
Jan Bear: 1h 14m 40s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+
Samantha Bear: 1h 37m 23s, 1/2, Cat 2 Women 19-29
Kim Bear: 1h 32m 21s, 1/2, Cat 1 Women 50-59
Still have a drive train
Mountain Bike

Single Track 6 Stage 1

Salmon Arm BC Canada • Jul 26 2015

This was the first day of a 6 day stage race. However, in this 40km stage a stick got caught in my spokes and broke a couple of spokes and also ripped my rear derailleur off. I tried to convert to single speed however due to the change in length due to rear suspension movement this ended up destroying my cassette. I ended up running all the ups and flats for the remaining 33km of the stage. Not a good start to a 6 day stage race.

Carl Gable: 4h 49m 51s, 26/30, M 50+

Overall 131/143
Course Info
Total Distance 39.5 km Total Climb 1400 m
Timed Descent
Distance 3.7 km Drop 370 m
0:16:14.6 +8:04.7 203/226

Adventure Race

AdventureXstream Summit 12 Hour Adventure Race

Frisco, CO • Jul 25 2015…

This race is always fun with lots of different components. This year we had both bike and foot orienteering on the Frisco Peninsula which we both enjoyed. 6th of 18 total teams 1st in our division.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 7h 35s, 1/4, Co-ed Pairs
Posing at a fun triathlon
Multi-sport Race

Live.Love.Tri All womens triathlon

Rio Rancho, NM • Jul 19 2015

All women triathlon, fun and hilly.

Samantha Bear: 1h 15m 13s, 3/14, Female 25-29
Kim Bear: 1h 10m 07s, 1/10, Female 55-59

10th/158 women

Jan gets 3rd place in his age group!
Off Road Triathlon

XTERRA Mountain Championship

Beaver Creek, CO • Jul 18 2015…

Regional XTERRA Championship Race. This race is all about climbing efficiency.

Jan Bear: 3h 18m 56s, 3/8, Men 60-64
Kim Bear: 3h 36m 06s, 4/8, Women 55-59
Mountain Bike

Firecracker 50 Marathon Mountain Bike Race

Breckenridge, CO • Jul 4 2015…

50 Miles mountain bike race with each team member doing a single 25 mile loop. The race is at elevation, between 9500 and 11000 feet.

Samantha Bear and Clark Smith: 5h 52m 13s, 52/76, Co-ed Relay
Jan Bear and Kim Bear: 5h 34m 43s, 8/11, Duo Relay age 110+

This category means that the two racers have to have a combined age of 110 or more, can be male, female or co-ed.


1st Jan and Kim
Mountain Bike

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Mountain Bike Race

Gallup, NM • Jun 20-21 2015

This was a 24 hour non-stop mountain bike race. Each lap was 14.5 miles. It was a fun course with not too much climbing. There were some short steep climbs between miles 6 & 8. Near mile 7 there was a "bacon" station set up! It actually tasted really good. We did 9 laps apiece for a total of 18 laps. Very hot during the day and cold at night.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 22h 59m 31s, 1/7, Co-ed Pairs

Kim and I each did 9 laps of 14.5 miles each for a total of 261 miles.

JJ, Sam, Kim, Maripat
Off Road Triathlon

XTERRA Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs, CO • Jun 14 2015

1/2 mile lake swim, followed by a 15 mile mountain bike and finally a 3 mile power hike/trail run.

Kim Bear: 2h 20m 13s, 2/7, Women 50-59
Jan Bear: 2h 11m 45s, 1/3, Men 60-64
A great race in Angel Fire!
Mountain Bike

Angel Fire Oso High Mountain Bike Race

Angel Fire, NM • Jun 7 2015

NMORS Mountain Bike Race

Kim Bear: 2h 04m 59s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 50+

Race to raise money for ALS. Doug has put this race on for 5 years and raised over $40,000 to fight this terrible disease.

Jan Bear: 1h 46m 27s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+


Road Bike

Contre-la-Montre Feminin Women's Time Trial 2015

Algodones, NM • May 31 2015

10 mile Time Trial "All women's Time Trial", very fun!

Kim Bear: 27m 25s, 2/19, Masters 50-59

fun race with all women; great because the biggest divisions were with the older woman and first timers!

Adventure Race

AdventureXstream Buena Vista 12 Hour Adventure Race

Buena Vista, CO • May 30 2015

A fun 12 hour adventure in beautiful Buena Vista, VO.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 7h 45m 39s, 3/7, Co-Ed Pairs

5th Place of all teams in the race.

Carl Gable Gunnison Growler
Mountain Bike

The Original Growlder

Gunnison, CO • May 24 2015…

64 miles of technical trails in Gunnison CO Hartman rocks area. This is one of the more technical mountain bike races you will find. The course this year was as good as it gets. The Saturday 1/2 Growler was not so lucky with rain and mud. However, the 350 participants in the Saturday event burnished in a fast clean line so when Sunday arrived for the full Growler the course was damp and tacky. It could have been different. We got lucky with perfect conditions on course and cool overcast weather.

Carl Gable: 8h 23m 30s, 9/16, M 50-59
Mountain Bike

Alien Run Mountain Bike Race

Aztec, NM • May 3 2015

26 Mile Mountain Bike Race

Jan Bear: 2h 04m 35s, 2/2, Expert 50-59

Tired legs after racing La Tierra Torture on 5/2/2015.

Kim Bear: 2h 33m 55.9s, 1/1, Expert Female 50-59

Fun race!

Carl Gable, 3rd Place Cat 2 Men 50-59, La Tierra Torture Podium
Mountain Bike

La Tierra Torture Mountain Bike Race

Santa Fe, NM • May 2 2015

NMORS Mountain Bike Race

Kim Bear: 2h 45m 57.1s, 2/3, Cat 1 Women 50+
Carl Gable: 1h 34m 02s, 3/22, Cat 2 Men 50-59
Jan Bear: 2h 22m 31s, 1/3, Cat1 Men 60+

Fun and Fast.


Race Shortened due to Snow! Cold and Wet!!!
Mountain Bike

High Altitude Classic Mountain Bike Race

Cloudcroft, NM • Apr 26 2015

NMORS Mountain Bike Race

Kim Bear: 2h 40m 07s, 1/1, Cat 1 women 50+

Cold, snowy! Course cut short because of weather: 1 long and 1 short loop.

Jan Bear: 2h 07m, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+

A cold snowy day in Cloudcroft. By the end of the shortened race more than 3 inches of snow had fallen!

Kim 1st Place 55-59
Road Triathlon

Albuquerque Retro Sprint Triathlon

Albuquerque, NM • Apr 25 2015

Sprint Triathlon

Kim Bear: 1h 08m 08s, 1/5, Women 55-59

Run 5K 27:41; Bike: 29:49; swim: 8:26

Jan Bear: 1h 04m 14s, 2/6, Men 60-64

A fast sprint triathlon to start the road triathlon season.

Adventure Race

AdventureXstream 12 Hour Moab Adventure Race

Moab, UT • Apr 11 2015

12 Hour Adventure Race.

Kim Bear and Jan Bear: 8h 42m, 2/24, Co-Ed

This race has been an annual favorite for us as a start to the AR season. The race is fast and we generally finish 4th or 5th because of our age but the added single track running and mountain biking this year really helped and we finished 2nd out of 24 Co-Ed pairs and the 6th team over-all to cross the finish line.


Mountain Bike

Coyote Classic Mountain Bike Race

El Paso, TX • Mar 29 2015

NMORS Mountain Bike Race

Jan Bear: 2h 59m 15s, 1/1, Cat 1 Men 60+

This was the first race of the 2015 NMORS series of Cross Country mountain bike races.

Kim Bear: 3h 22m 09s, 1/1, Cat 1 Women 50+
Off Road Triathlon

XTERRA Camp Eagle

Rocksprings, TX • Mar 28 2015…

Typical XTERRA in a great spot.

Kim Bear: 2h 25m 28s, 1/1, Women 55-59
Jan Bear: 2h 12m 45s, 1/2, Men 60-64

A tough XTERRA with a hard mountain bike and trail run, very rocky!

Multi-sport Race

CABQ Splash & Dash

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 22 2015…

Run, Swim, Run and Swim again.

Kim Bear: 49m 04s, 1/2, Women 55-59
Jan Bear: 48m 10s, 1/2, Men 60-64

2 mile run, 400 meter swim, 1 mile run and 400 meter swim.

Early season tan thanks to the Sedona dust.
Mountain Bike

Sedona AZ Big Friggen Loop

Sedona, AZ • Mar 21 2015 https://rockyroad5050.wordpress.…

This is a great early season race. In the same class as the NM Endurance Series races this is a no entry fee, no prize, event. Just a bunch of people who like to ride long during the day and drink some beer in the evening. The 51 mile course covers a huge variety of trails in and around Sedona. While the course is long you never have the feeling that you are way out there because the course stays close to the urban/backcountry interface.

Carl Gable: 7h 30m, 23/55, Open
Ready to roll
Mountain Bike

ABQ Mixed Media Big Friggin Loop 55 mile

Albuquerque, NM • Mar 14 - Apr 14 2015…

The ABQ Mix Media BFL is the second longest “mixed media” ride of the NMES. 100 or 55 miles of North Foothills and South Foothills Trails, Bosque trails, about 20 miles of dirt road on full loop, and remainder of the miles on the roads. All support is self-provided, there are plenty of commercial refuel opportunities at local convenience stores throughout the route.

Carl Gable: 4m 57s, 2/20, Open

2nd place was a three way tie between Carl Gable, Jason Cobb and Johnny Bargeron.

Multi-sport Race

Desert Classic Duathlon

Fountain Hills, AZ • Mar 1 2015…

An Off Road Trail Run of 3 miles followed by a 19 Mile Mountain Bike and then repeat the Trail Run.

Kim Bear: 2h 40m 41s, 1/1, Women 55-59
Jan Bear: 2h 24m 31s, 1/1, Men 60-64

A slow trudge of a run but a fast mountain bike and then that slow run again!


Kim 1st Place!!!
Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Fat Tire National Championship

Ogden, UT • Feb 14 2015

Fat Tire Mountain Bike, must have 3.8 inch tires and 50 mm rims minimum

Kim Bear: 1h 04m 10s, 1/5, Master 50-59

Stars and Stripes! WooHoo!

Jan Bear: DNF (DNS), Men 60-69

Did not start, came down with the Flu the night before the race.


Mountain Bike

12 Hours of Old El Paso

El Paso, TX • Jan 31 2015…

12 Hour Endurance Mountain Bike Race

Clark Smith and Kim Bear: 9h 29m 50s, 3/4
Samantha Bear and Jan Bear: 9h 29m 50s, 2/4, Co-Ed Pairs

A fast fun mountain bike race. My first time pairing with my daughter in an event!

Mountain Bike

El Paso Puzzler

El Paso, TX • Jan 18 2015…

The race motto says it all. "It will leave you in pieces". Early season, rocky and rough but a ton of fun. Endurance 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race; Kim did 35 miles

Carl Gable: 7h 01m 02s, 8/18, 50+ Men
Jan Bear: 6h 32m 49s, 5/18, 50+ men

A rough rocky desert 50 milers!

Kim Bear: 5m 33.1s, 3/10, 35 miles: Open Women
The Start!

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship

Austin, TX • Jan 8 2015

Cyclocross Nationals Day 2, Age Group Championship Races.

Kim Bear: 45m 02s, 12/23, Master 50-59
Jan Bear: 49m 15s, 16/48, Men 60-64

National Cyclocross Finals for 60-64 men all Categories.


USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship

Austin, TX • Jan 7 2015

Cyclocross Nationals Day 1, Open Races.

Kim Bear: 71/102, Open Women

Raced in open field. Samantha was in the same race. Very fun.

Jan Bear: 70/131, Open Men 45-99

Day One of Cyclocross Nationals.